Light Up the Night: Great Lighting Inspiration!

Party Lighting Inspiration for After Dusk

Keep your outdoor fiesta going well into the night by incorporating unique party lighting to both embellish and decorate, as well as to serve its practical use. Here are ten great ways to light up your party after the sun sets! And thanks to the simplicity of some of these DIY ideas,  illuminating your festivities can be as easy as glue and scissors. We’ve featured a How-To article from Apartment Therapy to learn how to make the above vellum flower lights {#3} ! Follow the jump to find out more on how to make or where to find…

{ DIY Vellum Flower Lights }

Apartment Therapy offers a How-To on vellum flower lights:


1. Cut 5-10″ squares of vellum paper in a variety of colors. You will need two or three squares of paper for each Christmas light. Fold paper square in half diagonally to form a triangle.

2. Fold the left and right corners up to meet at the center, forming a diamond shape. Fold in half to form a small triangle.

3. Cut curves along the open edges to form a heart-shaped top and create the petal effect. You might like to choose different petal shapes for each color. Layering them, the variety of shapes will add depth.

4. Cut across the bottom point to create a small opening to slip the light bulb through. Unfold.

5. Layer a few paper petals in different colors on each fairy light. Attach the flowers above the bulb on the plastic wire so the bulb is left exposed.

Vellum paper is a lot less flammable than ordinary paper, but don’t leave the lights on unattended. These will look amazing during a casual summer cocktail party in the garden!


Vellum Party Lights


Inspiration Board: {1.} Fabric covered vases are easy and stylish, {2.} Colored vellum papers glued at the edges hug a votive inside, {3.}Vellum flowers add a softer glow to holiday lights, {4.} Tiki torches are always a favorite (this one is from, {5.} Jars dipped in paint, another spin is tie-dying by circling drops of paint around the inside edges, {6.} Layered tissue paper lines hurricane vases, {7.} Layered sand (try rice, split peas and dried beans too!) to highlight wine glasses or vases, {8.} Glowing orbs from Moonlight USA, Inc make any landscape magical, {9.} Floating candles is a traditional but easy favorite, {10.} Lilypad pool candle holders from Thank you to for her fabulous lighting techniques!

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