Green With Envy Office Inspiration

Green With Envy Office Inspiration

It’s so exciting coming across some of these great finds — now that online shopping is the new trip to your local paperie store (not that I don’t still LOVE that) — but really the beauty of browsing the web is the ability to pull a room together from so many different sources, all in one sitting. And I find the beauty in blogging is to do the same — give inspiring ideas for pulling together one unique space, all for the reader to peruse in one little sitting.

For some reason over these past couple of weeks I keep gravitating towards office spaces — maybe it’s the enormous challenge of organizing so many files, paper and loose odds and ends (like my home office!) in a functional yet fashionable way (not quite there yet with the office…), or maybe it’s because color and patterns can be so free and reckless when they come in paper mediums like photo boxes, magazine holders or file bins (because they’re temporary — you can love ’em this minute and change ’em next month and it’s easy peasy, no major fuss of tearing down wallpaper or reupholstering furniture). OR maybe it’s because organization elements play such a key role, such as shelving, shadow boxes, clothes pin picture rail (cute DIY idea!) and fabric bulletin boards (all of which feel so satisfying at the end of the day when the last book is on the shelf and the last loose receipt filed and zipped away).

Green Office Inspiration 2

Regardless of what it is about office spaces that make them so fun to play with, here are some great green ideas for your next project! To find the home of the goods pictured above, follow the jump!

We all have that one work space that ends up becoming the quick-let-me-throw-this-pile-of-mail-and-magazines-in-here-before-the-guests-come room, but now you have some great inspiration to do away with the clutter and LOVE your space!

{1.} West Elm shows us easy to install floating shelfs and green storage bins, the perfect solution to utilizing all of that empty wall space!
{2.} Ikea‘s brightly patterned magazine holders double as mail sorters for filing, bills and hubby-t0-read boxes while breaking up solid colors on a bookshelf.
{3.} It’s time to sort through all of those random computer CDs — and decide which should be tossed and what should be stored for future hard drive backing-up and software downloading. Check out The Holding Company or your local office supply store.
{4.} Ikea metal bins add a new texture and shine to your storage wall, perfect for recipe stashing and stationary stuffing, and everyone likes Ikea prices.
{5.} Cork, striped storage boxes and brightly colored walls are an excellent way to round out a perfectly green with envy room — the guests will all stop to stare.
{6.} Martha Stewart reminds us that clothespins aren’t just for the laundry, try gorilla-gluing several to a length of painted 2×4 for an easy to-do list and picture holder right at eye-level above your desk.
{7.} House to Home shows off floating box shelves from Ikea and patterned pillows — an excellent way to add texture and color to your space.
{8.} West Elm’s magazine holders with must-include labeling options.
{9.} Fabric bins are a great way to incorporate a pattern, plus they double as file cabinets, ‘junk drawers’, party supply bins, etc. This bin by Henry and Zoe Studio. I have these lining my office shelves holding bulk art supplies, scrapbooking odds and ends, extra material, table decorations like napkin rings and place cards…
{10.} Little Beane Boutique offers great address labels, everyone deserves a really great address label!
{11.} These journals are absolutely adorable!! I love the paper: Journal Junky.
{12.} Mod flower address label by Vanessa Cavaco Designs.
{13.} These paper labels would make the cutest bin, bucket and bag organizers for an office shelf! by SweetBeets
{14.} LOVELY file folders found at that actually make me want to sort, alphabetize and label!
{15.} Fabric buckets for pencils, pens, sewing and scrapping supplies by White Rabbit 21.

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