Frightfully Delicious Dessert Buffet by Amy Atlas

Amy Atlas Halloween Dessert Buffet!

It’s about that time of the year for some fabulous Halloween inspiration! We may be six weeks away… but it’s the PERFECT holiday to show off great {creepy} crafty skills, so get those idea fountains flowing! How many opportunities do you really get throughout the year to make spooky stew or creepy crawly spider cupcakes?

Dessert bars are by far my favorite — I created one last year for Halloween based off of this terrific Amy Atlas design and my guests were so afraid to eat and ‘destroy’ it, because it’s so fun to look at and makes a great party centerpiece!

Amy Atlas Halloween Buffet Part 2

Amy Atlas is just so darn clever, you can design your entire party around her buffet’s because they make such a statement on their own!

Amy Atlas Dessert Buffet Part 3

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    Amy’s Halloween candy table is one of my favorites. I’m working on creating something similar for a Halloween themed baby shower I am hosting.

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