Colorful Candy Buffet!

Colorful Candy Buffet & Dessert Bar!

The colorful candy buffet was a hit — little kids and kids at heart {our adult guests} enjoyed candy and homemade sweets designed especially for the bride & groom. Our display was created for 100 guests and could easily be replicated on a smaller scale for a birthday party, dessert night or shower!

Candy Buffet 2

Brownie bites dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in candied sugar made delicious finger food desserts, and brownie pops dipped in white chocolate and rainbow sprinkles were a no-mess alternative. Cupcake stands towering with chocolate & confetti buttercream cupcakes were made by the mother of the groom, and I decorated with white sugar and gumdrops to match. Follow the jump for a {downloadable PDF} to make your own striped labels as well as a candy count How-To and more pictures!

Candy Buffet 3

{How-To: Candy Count for 100 Guests}

*Cupcakes: 70 (two stands holding 30 each)
* Peanut M&Ms: 7lbs
* Regular M&Ms: 10.5lbs
* Jelly Beans: 4lbs
* Fireballs: 4lbs
* Green Sour Chewies: 3lbs
* Red Licorice: 4lbs
* Tootsie Roll Pops: 4lbs or 100 count
* Macaroons: 4 dozen
* Turtles: 4 dozen
* Brownie bites/pops: 3 dozen

I confirmed my candy purchasing plan by double-checking my list with Kim Vallee’s suggestion for serving sizes per person — and it worked out nearly perfectly! We probably had 25% left over, but that was much better than running low on desserts.

Here’s a PDF for our simple & colorfully striped labels to identify the different confectioneries and apothecary jars of candy {without some sort of id for the ‘fireballs’ and ‘sour chewies,’ your guests might be in for a taste bud surprise!}

Later this week I’ll post step-by-step directions for the rainbow sprinkle brownie pops & bites, as well as a how-to for the carnation lollipop centerpieces!

Colorful Candy Buffet 4

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  1. Diana says

    Hi! I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing it! I was wondering if you had any other pictures of the party decor that was used for the dining table such as centerpieces and etc. Please let me know. I’ll be throwing the party this coming Friday. Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

    • Morgan says

      Hi Diana,
      So happy you love the theme of this party! I don’t have any other pics from the night to share but I bet a few google searches and some time on will pull up some great ideas!! Best of luck!

  2. says

    I love this. I have seen it done at wedding receptions and it is always a hit. I’d love to do it for a shower. Can’t wait to see how you did the brownie bites!

    • Morgan says

      Hi Susan! Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I did this fun colorful dessert buffet for a wedding back in the fall and the Brownie Bite How-To post can be found here. Take care!

  3. says

    SWEET!!! Love the colorful display! I just did a candy buffet yesterday for my 3 year old niece. Will be posting pictures on my blog soon! Candy buffets are SO fun to do!! :)
    Your’s really is awesome!

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