Everyday Inspiration: DIY Geometric Whiteboard

DIY Geometric Whiteboard

Inspiration for decorating your nest can be found anywhere — it could be the the damask patterned lining of a favorite sweater that inspires the curtains in your living room, the curve of an antique mirror that is replicated in the structure of your dining room chairs, a shell found on the beach with the same opalescent sheen as a sought-after chandelier, or the geometric shape of clean lines from a magazine clipping that leads to a DIY whiteboard makeover {hint, hint — amazing DIY project of the day}.

Full House, a wonderful blog about family (a set of twins and a set of triplets!) and style (beautiful design inspiration & projects that remind me of a vintage-y Elle Decor) shares today’s everyday inspiration DIY project, which was motivated by the top left cutout from a favorite magazine.

DIY Geometric Whiteboard 2

Tools of the trade: three Ikea magnetic whiteboards, navy blue ribbon, scissors, glue. I love that the final set was hung one on top of the other in the laundry room; a very fashionable way to share with the family whether whites or darks are in the wash, the to-do list, or a fun message while they run out the door. Would love these in my kitchen or office covered with favorite clippings, quotes and pictures.

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  1. Kathleen says

    I have a great decorating tip for “Full House” – with so many little ones, keeping up with their changing interests in decorating their rooms can be challenging (I know!) – so I use removable vinyl wall decals that I get from http://www.wallslicks.com. You can get just about any theme or design, in just about any color and size. They have a matte finish so they look like they were professionally painted on, but you can remove them any time (no residue) and change them out for the next “my favorite” dejour!

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