Dexter Was Here: A Spin on the Halloween Party

Dexter's Dinner Party

This is so creepy. And yet the ideas captured by Amy Lau in her dining room refashion based off of the Showtime Dexter series is incredibly creative! It would be a very cool and unexpected twist on the standard annual Halloween party theme!

Dexter Dinner Party 2

The overall look kind of gives me the heeby jeebies, but you have to admit that it’s pretty genius. If you’re ready to recreate for yourself, here’s a little inspiration board I pulled together with help from This Next.

Dexter Dinner Party 3

Follow the jump for more pics and where to track down these gorey finds.

Dexter's Dinner Party 5

{Dexter’s Dinner Party}

1. Toe tag drinks tags by Pushin Daisies
2. Charbay Blood Orange Vodka at K&L Wines
3. Bloody knife garland found at Windy City Novelties
4. Dexter coasters from Showtime
5. Small evidence boxes (placecards or gifts?) from Crime Scene
6. Blood clings from Party Cheap
4. Charbay Blood Orange Vodka at K&L Wines
5. Plastic lab test tube rack from Indigo

Dexter Dinner Party

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  1. Jeff K says

    Red velvet cake shaped into body parts and with flesh colored icing. Blood slides made from clear sugar and a dab of strawberry jam. Fake fingernails frozen into a large block of ice. I read on another board about Vienna sausages decorated with almond slivers to look like severed fingers and fingernails. Fill cheap test tubes with booze or some other drink of choice (red of course).

  2. Carrie says

    OMG I absolutely LOVE this!,the whole thing is somehow has an Upscale feel as opposed to the usually cob webs ,bats and haunted mansions. this is very inspiring for me to have a Season 6 party.Thankyou for sharing

  3. Jaimie says

    I love it! It embodies DEXTER perfectly! Since September 26 is coming very soon and we are having a DEXTER party, I know where my ideas will be coming from. I love the Bloody Orange Vodka idea! :)

    Thank you!

  4. Morgan says

    I totally agree with Lollipop Events & Designs… wouldn’t this make a great Murder Mystery Party if the gore was scaled down a bit?

    I’m picturing all of the guests coming in 1920’s costumes and arriving on the crime scene… and determining the murder as the dinner goes on!

  5. Morgan says

    I agree Amy!! I don’t know if I could actually decorate my annual Halloween party like this — too real, too much blood!

    Brancoprata, but I do admit — it’s great!

  6. says

    Heeby jeebies is right! But you’re also right that it’s very creative. I can’t decide if I love it or hate it, but I definitely know I’d be pretty nervous sitting at that table ;)

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