Dining Table Makeover: Chalkboard Style!

Before & After: Chalkboard Dining Table

This is such a clever way to refurbish an old dining room table. Plus, so much fun for kids (and dinner guests!) — no crayons and placemats required! Kate Leary of Mi Piace Kate Design shared this Before & After with Design Sponge in August after a great Craigslist find up in San Francisco. It’s so classy! The structure of the table is already there — but the bleached wood look had to go.

Before & After: Chalkboard Dining Table 2

A bit of priming, chalkboard paint and a Saturday afternoon — and voila, a beautiful table that’s fun for everyone! I love the chairs, too. It adds that modern edge to tie the piece into the rest of the house.

Before & After: Chalkboard Dining Table

Follow the jump for a more detailed How-To. Do you have a great Before & After project? Contact me to submit pictures and your story! 

{Chalkboard Dining Table}

*Dining room table
*Chalkboard paint
*Paint brushes

1. Sand the entire table so you have an even surface to work with — this is especially necessary for older finds.

2. Prime the table with one coat of a basic indoor primer.

3. Add two coats of custom chalkboard paint and wait 3 days for the paint to cure.

And now you have a fun, interactive dining table that Kate says they just “can’t stop using and playing with!” The total cost? just over $100 (table was $75). So neat!

Before & After: Chalkboard Dining Table

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  1. Leslie says

    Hi there! This table looks AMAZING! Could you please tell me what brand of paint you used and the color as well?! Thank you so much!

    • Morgan says

      That’s a good question! I read that you can use standard chalkboard spray and cleaning products to get basic stains out — but that grease can be an issue.

  2. Anna says

    I would love to do this. I think Casey would die if I even suggested it, as we spent over three days refinishing our table and it’s still not complete! The darn leaf is a different stain still :(

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