Creepy Crawly Spider Brownie Bites

Spider Brownie Bites PNG

Remember those candied sugar brownie bites from the Colorful Brownie Pop How-To? With a bit of a spin on the traditional {and a few licorice wheels!} these creepy crawly brownie bites would make one quick & spooky alternative.

At Home with Kim Vallee featured these yummy treats from, who showcases Bakerella’s brownie pop recipe for the bites — check out this one or give my brownie bites decorating tips a whirl. YUM!

Spider decorations: milk/dark chocolate candy melts (for coating — follow double boiler directions from Brownie Pop How-To), black licorice wheels (legs), raspberry gum drops (or M&Ms for eyes), white sprinkles (fangs), black or brown nonpareils (round sprinkles for top of spider).

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  1. P@ says

    When is the Paula Deen interview??!!!! I have the first ?. Do these spiders bark?! Really??!! So crass! I hope to eat these at the next halloween party!

  2. says

    As I said on Twitter these are just downright adorable and just a bit spooky! A sweet treat for both kids & adult parties. Great find! Thanks for sharing, you always have such inspiring ideas!

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