DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards

DIY Thanksgiving Placecards Homemade Handmade

Thanksgiving is almost here! Here are several fresh ideas for unique Thanksgiving place cards — whether your table will be inspired by nature, offer a vintage vibe or have a modern theme, these simple place cards are the icing on the cake.

Etsy artist, LittleBrownPen, features a modern spin on the traditional tag (see above), check out the site for more beautiful designs and ordering information — or try printing your own similar tags using Word (create a text box and fill with color, then write in lowercase and with a simple font your guest’s name) print as needed!

DIY Thanksgiving Placecards 3

Natural elements make wonderfully creative cards — be it fruit, twigs or seeds there’s no need to search for greater inspiration than your own backyard. Images clockwise from top: Martha Stewart, Family Crafts, Pottery Barn and Woman’s Day.

DIY Thanksgiving Placecards 4

How neat are these vintage placecards by LollyChops? The best part, Lolly has posted her free downloadable PDF at Crafty Stylish along with step-by-step directions to apply your own vintage look.

DIY Thanksgiving Placecards 2

The colors and patterns would work so well with a vintage tablescape that pulls in rich tones of red, orange and teal. I love the look of the stamped images on each card. It’s so easy to create your own — as you can see from Lolly’s directions, all that you need is the PDF, a craft puncher and stamp pad! Brilliant.

DIY Handmade Thanksgiving Placecards 5

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