DIY Hanukkah Cookie Menorah

Hanukkah Cookie Menorah Amy Atlas

Hanukkah is fast approaching (begins this Friday at sundown) and now is a great time to prep for a neat menorah project for the entire family. Amy Atlas sent over this DIY centerpiece she created using homemade cookies and lollipop sticks (to give structure and stabilization to the ‘candles’) to share with you.

Hanukkah Cookie Menorah Amy Atlas 2

In Amy’s own words:

This fun dessert and craft project makes a great centerpiece on the Hanukkah table. It is also a fun project that your kids can help out with because you can enlist them to decorate the cookies! Simply pick up these cookie cutters from Sur La Table, bake off a basic sugar cookie recipe in the candle shape with these lollipop sticks attached to your dough, and then decorate the cookies with royal icing and sprinkles. If your kids are helping out with decorating, don’t feel obligated to follow a design – let them decorate away! That way, the cookies will feel more festive and your kids will take a lot of pride in their cookie candle menorah when it is part of the Hanukkah table! When the cookie candles are finished, simply glue-gun the lollipop sticks to your favorite menorah. Enjoy!”

Find the entire post and project at her blog here. Photography credit by Allan Zepeda for Mel Barlow Photography.

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