Despite the Dreary Weather… Colorful Inspiration!

Bright Colorful Rooms

Inspired by Susan Sergant’s affection for very bright colors (this is one of her patterns above), here are a few cheery room ideas that make even the dreariest of fall days a little brighter. I am not usually so bold as to paint an entire room lime green — but I must admit I’ll be stealing more than a few of these ideas for the house!

Bright, Colorful Rooms 2

This fall, muted colors ‘pale’ in comparison to bright statement choices (I couldn’t help myself) — bold colors abound this season for the wardrobe, throughout party themes and definitely in home decor. If you’re not ready to go all in, try a few accent pieces here or there in a bright and bold hue. How great are the yellow dining room chairs in Jonathan Adler’s design (above) and the brilliantly pink foot stools (next page)?

Bright, Colorful Room Inspiration 3

Nine more inspiring rooms full of color to go! As well as accent pieces (such as bedding and throw pillows) that leave a similar — yet not so permanent — effect.

Bright Colorful Room Inspiration 4

Another bedding set by Susan Sargent in a pattern that I adore.

Bright Colorful Room Inspiration 5

Five perfectly crafted rooms that make me think that perhaps I could paint a wall aqua blue or even be daring enough to purchase an orange sofa.

Bright Colorful Room 5

This is a balanced room that offers just enough pastels to give off a modern vibe. Below are bedrooms for the teens with a colorful composition!

Bright Colorful Rooms 6

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  2. says

    The bright pictures are quite uplifting.

    I don’t think I could go in for an orange sofa either…but hey it does look great in the picture.

    My favorite has to be the hot pink daybed. Love the contrast with the white walls and sheers.

    Thanks for sharing.

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