Adventures in Australia… Part 1


We’ve made it here safely… after 40 hours of traveling by plane, train and automobile (okay, no train involved) we have reached our starting location of Port Douglas, Australia — directly across from the Great Barrier Reef. I’m one suitcase short (actually, the only one that I brought…) but have made do while the airline sorts out their ‘accident’. The accents of the agents at the desk keep me from losing my temper and only make me smile… despite the lack of clothing that I now have.

After a bit of touring the marshy wetlands of the upper territory, including a fantastic trip into Daintree forest, I’m using this day to relax, sort through local markets and recover. Hope you enjoy a few photos from the rainforest journey :).


Yes, that’s a crocodile. And there are quite a few up here in this neck of the woods. Thankfully I didn’t encounter this fellow sunning on the beach as I had been warned I might, but he was hiding in the shadows here on our boat trip up the Daintree river.


Our trip through the Daintree forest ended with this spectacular beach at Cape Tribulation, the very point where Captain Cook wrecked his ship during one of many explorations (hence the name — but I would have called it Cape Heaven).


More to come! We head out to the reef tomorrow and I have some fantastic finds to share from the market today. The patterns and colors of the Aborigine art is incredibly inspiring! I’m doing my very best to keep my selections to a minimum — two days in and I’ll have to buy a second suitcase just to haul around my treasures.

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