Adventures in Australia… Part 2


We’ve made it back to Sydney from the beautiful and very stunning Queensland coast (up there at the north eastern end of Australia) and I have a few fun pictures to share from our adventures.

It was far too little time in a place so incredibly gorgeous, but oddly enough we had the entire territory practically to ourselves. Rumor has it the Christmas wave of ‘holiday-ers’ comes in just about the time we headed back down south.


So above is our snorkeling destination — the husband is a certified diver but for some frankly frustrating reason my ears and equilibrium will not let me drop below 20 feet, so I stuck to snorkeling. It was wonderful regardless! The world below our beautiful shores is teaming with life — I wish we had the opportunity to spot THESE in California, but I felt incredibly humbled to be able to spend the afternoon with them here instead.


and these as well…


A family of five came chasing after our boat thoroughly enjoying the big wake we had created. WOW. They hung with us for nearly 20 minutes before swimming off to find another playmate.


I’m a little behind on my updates… more to come on our Christmas Eve and first few days in Sydney (I could move to this city tomorrow… and I don’t say that about many places!).

Thanks for taking a bit of time out of your day to let me share my adventures with you today!

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  1. says

    Beautiful! Australia is a dream destination of both my husband and mine. These photos are absolutely gorgeous and you’ll have memories to treasure forever.

    • Morgan says

      Oh thank you so much, Lori! It has been a fabulous trip so far and I think it will be one that we will cherish for a lifetime. If you do get the chance, you must come see these amazing countries.

  2. says

    The underwater shots are gorgeous! Would you mind sharing what camera was used to take those? We bought what should have been a good (Olympus) camera this summer for our snorkeling adventure in Hawaii, but halfway through the trip the seal failed and ruined all the photos we had taken, so now we’re on the hunt for a new camera…

    • Morgan says

      Hi Amy! Thanks for your message. This picture was actually taken by a staff diver on the boat we were out on (who later gave it to me on a CD) but I usually buy disposable waterproof cameras for our snorkeling trips… my Canon does have a waterproof case but just as you mentioned it makes me nervous to have the seal break. I hope that helps! Have a wonderful time snorkeling in Hawaii! It’s just beautiful over there :). ~Morgan

      • Morgan says

        On that note… my camera that I keep at my hip at all times is a Canon G11 — a really wonderful camera for clean shots day or night and easy to travel with (not small but not the size of a traditional SLR with all of the add on lenses). PADI does make a few underwater cameras (just for underwater use) that I highly recommend if you imagine you’ll get a lot of use out of a specialty camera of this sort!

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