Event Decor Challenge: {April Bridal Shower}

Green & Pink Bridal or Baby Shower

I’ve recently received a few requests for custom party decor suggestions and I thought it might be fun to share some of my finds & details here instead of just one-on-one.

{Here’s the breakdown for today’s challenge}

EVENT: Bridal shower in April

THEME: Greens and pinks

BUDGET: $250/25 guests + $8/pp each for brunch, cocktails & dessert (doesn’t include optional rental of tables & chairs)


Neat challenge, especially considering the budget (events can be so costly once you really break them down… added bonus that most showers are hosted by multiple friends or family members and decor $ can be split up accordingly). Here are my final event suggestions for this April Shower (hopefully not the, um, rainy version):

1. Let’s start with the table linens… tying your color scheme into the linens is key – never give in to the price tag of plastic cloths (purty please…) and opt for renting instead of buying unless you A. can find a common use for a neutral shade linen for the future, B. get an exceptional steal on marked down fabric or B. the party is small enough where renting would be a hassle.

At a standard $8/linen to rent (x4 tables for 25 guests), we’ve set aside roughly $35 for linens. Bed Bath & Beyond makes a stellar ‘fancy’ paper napkin that is ten times better than any cocktail version and still feels nice enough to serve at a dinner party or brunch. They don’t have an online link… but hopefully you know what I’m referring to. They run $2.99/pack of 50.

Green, Pink Shower Inspiration

2. Centerpieces: I’m really loving the simple, classy centerpieces in the very top and above inspiration boards. At the very top of the post, the first centerpiece idea is a set of votives with a bear reed wrapped cleanly around each, the second includes various fuschia and pink roses mixed with hypericum, and the final is a square glass vase with three pink mums on white river rock.For above, vintage vases from around the house hold a single floating peony, daisy or mum.

To outfit four tables your total cost will run somewhere around $12 per + those optional votives… Centerpiece 1: $10/10 votives at Target + $5/bunch of bear grass = $15. Centerpiece 2: $3/five roses + $3/hypericum + $6 vase = $12/centerpiece x 2 = $24. Centerpiece 3: $3/3 mums + $3/portion of white river rock from home improvement store + $6 vase = $12/centerpiece x 2 = $24. Centerpiece 4: $1/bloom.

Green, Pink & Choral Baby or Bridal Shower

3. Table utensils: Renting these items is always your best bet… much classier than the paper plate and plastic fork and much easier to clean up than your finest dishware pulled out for one use. I keep a set of 15 or so white ceramic plates for such occasions (when parties are on the small side) but opt to rent for events larger than 20 people.

Here’s the breakdown: $2/gold charger which will work marvelously as the brunch plate (you can purchase them for $2.99 each here), $1/champagne glass, $1/fork & spoon (no need for the knife). Use plastic for dessert – guests won’t notice this late in the game and it’s easiest to throw away messy bowls of ice cream.

4. Ambiance: It’s important to decorate more than just the tables. Whether you string paper lanterns from the trees in your garden or line balloons across the courtyard, keep the theme going throughout your home. Use a bit of the extra budget to purchase large remnant pieces from your discount fabric store to hang over curtains, use as a makeshift table runner or stretch across a blank canvas for quick art. Shouldn’t be more than $5/yard. You can also add custom placards, signs & placecards for your buffet and seating tables at low cost by printing a favorite design at home.

Green & Pink Shower Inspiration

5. What to serve: I usually like to center showers around one easy & light meal such as afternoon tea, dessert or brunch. Here are my go-to favorites: basil & vegetable quiche, blueberry sunrise muffins, Amalfi style fruit salad (served in orange halves) & a Tennessee Peach as the signature drink. YUM! Miniature cupcakes and gelato would make a lovely, color-coordinated dessert. Count on $8/person (keep budget shopping in mind! Purchase fruits and vegetables that are in season and make as many substitutions as need be. Better yet – ask additional hosts to each bring one of the dishes.)


And now you’re all set for a very simple and elegant green & pink bridal shower (would work perfectly as a baby shower or birthday, too).

And the total is:
-Table linens: $40
-Centerpieces: $60
-Table utensils: $100
-Ambiance: $50
-Brunch, cocktail & dessert: $200

GRAND TOTAL: $250 + $8/pp food

Do YOU have an event coming up that you’d like to have made into a handy inspiration board? If so, send it on over to: morgan@pepperdesignblog.com

Images credited to Amelia Lyon, The Knot, Hostess with the Mostess‘ Recipe Box, and Style Me Pretty

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    I love those centerpieces. All of these pictures are just gorgeous. It makes me want to throw a shower even though I have no one to throw it for. Thanks for the inspiration.

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