{Valentine’s Day} Romantic Dinner Giveaway!

Romantic Red Valentine's Day Dinner - Main

I’m so excited to share this amazing giveaway today! PDB has partnered with Social Couture to offer a {romantic Valentine’s Day dinner} tablescape to one of our readers. Flytrap on Etsy finishes the perfect setting with beautiful canary napkins screen printed by hand.

Valentine's Day Giveaway Social Couture Red Modern Dinner Party Romantic 2

This giveaway includes:

*A chic rattan runner (for use anytime of the year)
*6 tall white taper candles
*2 red transluscent glass fishbowl vases
*1 ceramic heart shaped dessert dish
*2 gold chargers (for your dinner plates – or dessert, etc)
*4 gold rimmed dinner and salad plates (not just 2 – because you’ll want to reuse these again and again!)
*4 screen printed canary napkins in a rich red

Valentine's Day Giveaway Social Couture Red Modern Dinner Party Romantic 3

This would make the perfect dinner in with that special someone {see post below!} or a great cocktails-and-a-movie night with the girls (we were sure to include more than 2 place settings!). The giveaway is valued at $120.

Be sure to check out Social Couture‘s fabulous line of party decor and inspirational ideas for all events, and Flytrap‘s limited-edition screen printed goods which range from napkins to custom t-shirts.


To Enter: share your favorite conversation heart candy saying or Valentine’s Day memory in the comments section. Good luck, everyone!

Giveaway ends February 5th at midnight, PST. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced here on February 6th.

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  1. says

    How cute is this?! It makes me want to cook a delish meal. :) I love all the tech candy hearts, “fax me” “call me” “email me” So geeky just like me and the fiance!

  2. says

    I am not saying anything that hasn’t already been said, but “Fax Me” has always cracked me up!! What a sign of the 90’s! I love Necco for making those wonderful little candy hearts!

  3. says

    “Love is all you need” ..I think this is so true. If each person tried to LOVE more and HATE less, the world would be a better place. Love people and things for who and what they are and practice acceptance.

    Awesome giveaway!!

  4. Maria F. says

    My favorite memory is my dad always giving each of us those giant hersey’s kisses. Love making valentine’s day cards with my daughter now. Thx!

  5. Chaya says

    Favorite conversation heart saying has to be “LOVE ME TENDER.” Who doesn’t need a little Elvis on Valentine’s Day?

  6. Leah says

    My favorite conversation heart is kiss me. I also think that this is a wonderful giveaway.

  7. Ms. Anne says

    Best conversation heart: Hug Me!

    Best Valentines: Dont tell the boyfriend but the best Valentines was when I was 22, broke, in college, living in a house with 20 girls, sharing one room with 2 other girls.

    On Valentines day, we woke up to tons of N’sync Valentines taped all over our room, ceiling and one of the girl’s bunk beds (22 and broke). The girls who played the prank stayed up all night and wanted for the 3 blind bats to put their glasses on before showering the room with the rest of their valentines cards. classic

  8. Tasha says

    Favorite valentine memory is of my boyfriend singing Etta James to me last year as he was cooking valentines dinner in the kitchen. Horrible voice, but great memory.

  9. mw says

    I loved cutting the great art supplies that went with with Valentine’s Day like paper doilies and pink crepe paper. What a great giveaway!

  10. says

    I have to agree with everyone; I love the modern hearts that say “Tweet Me” “Text Me” that show how even classics can get an update!

  11. Leah says

    I have always loved Valentine’s Day because every year my mom would find a heart shaped box and fill it with candy and lovely little gifts she knew I loved. I could always tell how much time she had put into it and I think that’s what made it so special! To this day she still send me little gifts in the mail on Valentine’s Day.

  12. JKK says

    My favorite Valentine memory is extra sweet because it’s my husband’s birthday as well. I gave up having a traditional Valentine’s when we started dating – it’s worth it to celebrate his special day!

  13. Katie says

    “Page Me” was such a funny one! I am sure they don’t have that one anymore (at least I hope they don’t!). I also loved “Puppy love” because I love dogs!

  14. Ali says

    TWEET ME – I’m a total nerd (social media marketer by day), so this is my new favorite conversation heart addition.

  15. says

    One thing I loved that I did for my husband was cut out a ton of red and pink paper hearts and each one had a different reason why I love him and then I plastered them on the wall in our livingroom with them. It was so fun to do!

  16. says

    My favorite conversation heart saying is “fax me” – I don’t know if they still make that one but it always made me smile!

  17. kate says

    My all-time favorite Valentine’s memory is getting heart-shaped sandwiches in my lunch. How sweet!

  18. Jen says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memory was actually from last year. My daughter loves the character Fancy Nancy who decides to teach her family how to be “fancy”. They get dressed up and head to dinner. So we decided to recreate the story and have a fancy dinner at home. We bought lots of decorations, picked out fun clothes, had a great dinner with homemade chocolate dessert. So much fun to include our little one in Valentine’s Day!

  19. Sarah says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memory was the first with my husband. He took me to the ocean for the day. We stayed away from crowded and overpriced restaurants and instead packed a romantic picnic with Champagne and ate on the beach!

  20. Jenny says

    Last year my 5 year old son begged for a “fancy dinner.” We didn’t have a lot of money, so we headed to the dollar store. We were able to buy some goblets, a plastic lace table cloth, and a few heart decorations for the table. He and my husband wore a dress up top hat and spectacle, purchased at a party store, and my daughter and I wore tiara’s. We wore our Sunday best, and had a truly fancy dinner!

  21. Amanda says

    I love the “next generation” hearts that have tech sayings on them like “text me!”

  22. says

    My favorite saying is “Kiss Me” because it gives me a great excuse to cover my delicious husband in love …. not that I really need an excuse ;)

  23. Heather H says

    My favorite heart candy saying is Sweet Talk, I love to have sweet words whispered in my ear.

  24. says

    Here’s a Valentine memory involving conversation hearts – when I was a freshman in college, I was dating this really sweet guy… I came home from class and sitting on my dorm room bed was a “heart pattern” of conversation hearts that he had scratched off the sayings and written in his own – talk about the effort!!! My husband (NOT THE candy hearts guy) did the same thing as a “joke” one year…he wasn’t too fond of my ex ;)

  25. says

    My favorite saying is definitely “Kiss me.” I love picking them out and saving them for my husband. I love that his kisses still gives me butterflies.

  26. says

    I think it was my second Valentine’s Day with my hubby (then boyfriend) and I had mentioned that I loved the movie “A Walk to Remember” but didn’t own it. He bought it for me and when I opened it that night I asked if we could watch it. He had a slight crush on Mandy Moore and no idea what the premise of the movie was so he said sure. Maybe halfway in he figured it out and shouted, “She’s going to DIE isn’t she?!”

    I now make him watch it every Valentine’s Day. It’s our twisted tradition.

  27. Ring says

    One Valentines Day, years ago, I had a horrible day at work. My husband surprised me by showing up unexpectedly (he lived 2 hours away) when I came out of my office, with a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers. He took my breath away.

  28. says

    As a kid I loved when my heart candy said “I LUV U” – waaaaay before texting-lingo was rampant. And yes, I’d save those candies to give to my mom (or my elementary school boyfriend).

    xoxo MMW

  29. Kenya F. says

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memory was 3 years ago when my boyfriend (now fiance) did a scavenger hunt in my apartment. There was a note on the dining table with clues. First clue was behind the television & it was an ipod with music that he downloaded. 2nd clue was on the couch & that was a teddy bear with chocolates. That lead me to the 3rd clue which I found on my bird cage (i owned 5 parakeets at the time) & there was a new parakeet with another clue that said to meet him at his place. When I got to his place he had a lovely dinner waiting for me. That had to be one of the best valentines ever. BTW, I still have that valentine’s day bird. Good Luck Everyone! :-)

  30. Kate says

    My husband and I now have three kids so even though we are unable to go “out” for a romantic dinner..the last few years he has me upstairs with the kids and I put them to bed early and then come down to a homecooked meal he has prepared. With candles, music and wine! I always love it. Just being able to talk to him without being interupted a million times by one of our three boys. Ahhhh it is the little things that get me these days…

  31. Munch says

    My fiance and I rarely have ‘normal’ Valentine dates. They always end up being silly but that’s the part I love. I never know what we’ll do – from a traditional romantic Valentine’s day in Venice to throwing a red party for all our friends, complete with hearts, cakes, sweets and presents for all. But my favourite was probably last year’s when I came home to a picnic by the fire complete with champagne and fizzy sweets and marshmallows. My favourites!

  32. says

    The first Valentines day my husband and I spent together (when we were just dating) he bought me all of my favorite treats from my childhood. It proved to me that he was really listening to all my silly stories! And he took me to Disney!! It was actually pretty romantic!

  33. Lori H says

    Be Mine is my favorite candy heart saying. But it cracks me up to get the “new-fangled” ones that say things like “fax me” or “email me”!

  34. says

    I’d have to say my favorite Valentine’s memory is it being the first date for my now boyfriend – three year’s later and still going strong! Such a great holiday to celebrate your feelings for each other! :)

  35. Amy Preston says

    Favorite valentine memory is from when I was a kid. My mom always made me a huge paper heart shaped enevelope where the two hearts were woven together on the sides and filled it will litte things for me. I looked forward to it every year.

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