DIY {Waiting for Spring} White Winter Flowers

DIY Handmade Winter White Flowers Cotton, Batting Glass Beads 4

I came across these beautiful handmade flowers while searching for the perfect year-round indoor bouquet – a little something lovely and sweet for a bud vase next to the bed, on the dresser or perched up in one of our doorless cabinets.

DIY Handmade Winter White Flowers Cotton, Batting Glass Beads 2

Imagine my surprise when Rasa, the artist behind these creations and LiRaDesigne, not only offered to give me a sneak peak at the process of making the stems, but also step-by-step directions to share here!

DIY Handmade Winter White Flowers Cotton, Batting Glass Beads

I adore the simple and soft look of the cotton flowers – the glass beads in the center add a delicate touch.

Rasa calls them ‘Waiting for Spring’ Winter Flowers, but I would display them all the time for every season. If you’d like to purchase the finished product instead of making each by hand, check out LiRaDesigne shop here. They’re very much within the budget!

For step-by-step directions (with a super helpful photo gallery), follow the jump!

DIY Handmade Winter White Flowers Cotton, Batting Glass Beads 5

{DIY White Winter Flowers}

white felt, cotton batting (or similar lining material), gold thread, sewing needle, glass beads, black wire, pliers, wire cutters and scissors.

Steps (the numbers correspond with images above):
1. Gather all materials necessary
2. Cut wire into long strips with your wire cutters (approximately 10-12″)
3. Use pliers to shape spiral leaves in the wire. Add a smaller circle at the very top of your wire for the flower blossom.
4-5. Cut two circles of felt (one of the circles should be a little smaller than the other).
6. Stack the smaller circle on top of the larger circle.
7-8. Line up middle of circles with small wire circle (at the top of your stem) and hold together for sewing in place.
9. Sew blossom to the wire stem with the gold thread.
10. String 3-5 of your favorite glass beads (choose your favorite colors!) and sew as a center to the flower.
11-12. And you’re done! Repeat until you have a beautiful bouquet of Winter Flowers!

DIY Handmade Winter White Flowers Cotton, Batting Glass Beads 3

Thank you, Rasa, for this wonderful tutorial!

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  1. LL says

    I wonder if you used an old mattress pad? Then you could just take off the top layer of fabric.

    Cool idea.

    • Morgan says

      I think an old mattress pad would definitely work – that’s a great idea. Anything that has that fuzzy white cotton look would be great. Maybe quilt batting from the fabric store, too?


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