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A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

Easy DIY Handmade Cake Stand Main

Here’s a recent idea I found for an upcoming shower… I’m so excited to give these a try. I have a special affection for all things cake stands, especially pretty ones that make lovely silhouette shapes in my kitchen shelves!

Handmade cake stands are simple and easy, here are two tutorials that outline the step-by-step directions for (1) an eclectic vintage mix and (2) a lovely all-white dessert buffet:

Handmade Cakestand Vintage

Kate’s recycled cake stands (shared on design*sponge back in 2008) make the perfect eclectic tea party addition. These would make beautiful table centerpieces for an outdoor shower as well.

DIY Cake stand Hand Made All White

I originally found this classic white dessert bar tutorial on Weddings & Cookies, but Renee’s creations are featured here on design*sponge as well! I love the clean, crisp look of all white – it would make a lovely dessert buffet for a wedding or party.

These would also look perfect lined neatly in a buffet cabinet or on floating shelves in the kitchen/dining room (for a fraction of the price of a store-bought collection!)

Can you believe they started as this?

DIY Cake Stand Before

Before we jump into the How-To, be sure to check out great Etsy artists like Burlap & Blue as an easy alternative if you’re looking for an option to purchase.

Easy DIY Handmade Cake Stand 8

More pictures (and the How-To) after the jump!

Easy DIY Handmade Cake Stand  4

{DIY Cake Stands}

Materials: plates, platters, candle sticks and vases in all shapes and sizes, food safe (non-toxic) glass paint/spray paint, STRONG glue (like E6000) or epoxy, masking tape, q-tips


{1.} Match up your pieces for your favorite looks. Be sure they can balance on one another successfully without glue.

{2.} Clean all plates and vases/candlesticks thoroughly. Dry completely.

{3.} Carefully find the center of each plate/platter and mark.

{4.} Using your dot as a guide, use glue or epoxy to adhere vase/candle stick to the back of the plate (upside down).

{5.} Let dry for at least 24 hours. If necessary, remove excess epoxy or glue with a q-tip before completely dry. You can use masking tape at this point to help anchor plate to stand.

{6.} Optional: coat plates and stand in non-toxic spray paint. For an extra layer of protection, use doilies or parchment circles under your cakes and cookies.

A big thank you to Renee and Kate for sharing their projects. Be sure to check out their posts here (vintage-inspired) and here (all-white)!

Easy DIY Handmade CakeStand 5

Easy DIY Handmade Cake Stand 6

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