Rooms Inspired by the Month of February

Rooms Inspired by February, Pink, Red 5

Are you ready for spring yet? While it may be just around the corner, these clean and fresh looks inspired by the month of February couldn’t come at a more perfect time! A bit of winter… a bright, brilliant shot of pink or red calling in the spring… that’s what February is all about.

Rooms Inspired by February, Pink, Red 6

Making it Lovely has achieved the ‘February look’ spot on. How sweet is her homemade abode? I love Nicole’s pink chevron living room rug and that big, wonderful chair.


The best part? Nicole’s significant other doesn’t mind the pink a bit – in fact she notes in her blog that he casually defers to her for nearly all design queries (lucky), and she’s created a perfectly lovely space by incorporating the shade!

Rooms Inspired by February, Pink, Red 3

Graham and Green above (via 6th Street Design School) takes home decor love to a new level with cozy pillows and year-round affection.

More Rooms Inspired by February after the jump!

Rooms Inspired by February, Pink, Red 4

Graham and Green round 2 above (I love that pouf!). Below, Cote de Texas (via Full House) shares Sally Wheat’s love of an uber-bright shade of pink for her daughter’s bedroom:

Rooms Inspired by February, Pink, Red 1

Elle Decor offers a more masculine influence with a solid red wall. I love the simple modern lines of the red bamboo chair in the lower right corner.

Rooms Inspired by February, Pink, Red 2

Emily A Clark shares two beautiful rooms that remind us: spring is almost here! That sweet blend of winter becoming spring is an excellent influence in dressing your home.

Rooms Inspired by February, Pink, Red 7

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    • Morgan says

      Hi Tori, Nicole from Making it Lovely mentioned that the silver letters were a gift and she wasn’t sure where they were purchased from. A quick google search found this etsy store (similar, but not quite the same) and this neat company, but too bad they’re all the way in New Zealand! Good luck with the search, let us know what you find!

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