Before & After: Coffee Table to Ottoman

Update: I finally made my own ottoman out of a coffee table and you can read all about it over here, feel free to check it out for even more tips and tricks.

Here’s a little project from Little Green Notebook that I’ve been so anxious to try. Jenny has transformed an everyday, unexciting coffee table into a beautifully cushioned ottoman!

After falling in love with the above Restoration Hardware design (that came with a hefty $1200 price tag), Jenny refashioned a Craigslist find into the perfect replication (for $60!):

In a very simple wrap-up, Jenny (1) painted the legs, drilled holes for her tufted buttons, (2) added foam padding to the top and sides, (3&4) covered the table in batting and then her light blue fabric, used a button kit from JoAnns for the buttons (attaching to table through drilled holes with an upholstery needle and thread), (5) folded the fabric under the table and tacked around corners, and (6) finished off the edges with upholstery nails. Whew!

For the entire scoop (with great suggestions for tackling on your own), check out the full post here.

I’m amazed and completely inspired to take on my own coffee table refashion for an ottoman in the living room, or perhaps by the foot of the bed, or maybe in the dining room for extra bench seating? Too many options.

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  1. Roslyn says

    Hi, great idea!! How is the support of the ottoman? I would think the legs might not be strong enough to use as a bench especially to hold more than one person?

    • says

      The coffee table I used was sturdy and strong, a piece that was probably built some time ago. I would definitely test for durability before considering whether a table could be turned into a bench pr ottoman – that’s an excellent point!

  2. Nicole says

    Looks great! Where did you get the foam? How think is it? Did you use multiple layers?



    • says

      Hi Nicole, this Before & After is a feature from The Little Green Notebook, but you can find my own version at the very top of the post in the listed link. I bought my foam for the project from a discount fabric store, but they sell the exact same material at various fabric stores such as Joanns (don’t forget a 40% off coupon!). The thickness is absolutely up to you – I also recommend a layer of batting over the foam for optimum comfiness and look (so you don’t see those square edges in the foam). I used a foam piece that was about 3″ thick.

      Good luck!

  3. says

    I was so planning on doing this with a coffee table that I bought from IKEA! Coffee tables are pointless in my house, we just use them to put our feet on and possibly our dinner (if we’re not eating at the table) and never anything else! So I thought of this a while ago and its nice to see how this will work!

    -Jess @ That’s Sew Crafty

    • Morgan says

      Hi Jess, I love this makeover too! You can see my version by searching for ottoman refashion. Good luck!


  4. G says

    Woww, It could be a perfect bedroom item next to a full mirror, just to sit down and put some heels. I will try it with a neon coloured fabric.

    By the way I’m Turkish but I still don’t know why its name is Ottoman:)

  5. says

    btw do you mine if I place a link to your Blog on my website? I want as many people to see this great craft/recyclable and home improvement idea. ^.^

  6. says

    wow love this. ^.^ I think I will do this to the one i found in someones Trash. it has claws on the legs so with the right fabric this will be a hit and loveliness. Thanks for showing us this. ^.^

  7. Sheryl says

    I’ve always wanted to try this, but never knew where to start. Thanks for the info. You did an excellent job.

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