Baby Shower Inspiration Board: Nesting

I’ve been working on a special shower for a dear friend… and have some delicious ideas up my sleeve. Here’s a little sneak peek at the inspiration for the celebration.

As I watch all of these mama’s-to-be feather their nests with the anticipation of a little one, I couldn’t help but be inspired to turn the theme into a shower that reflects the age old art of nesting. Whimsical blues, teals and yellows… milk glass cake stands and thrift store goblets… perhaps a few branches and paper accordion rosettes? So fun to plan.

We’re not following the traditional Saturday afternoon etiquette either. I jump at every opportunity to where one of my favorite tea party dresses, but instead we’ll host this shower mid-week for a dessert and latte bar celebration for a twist on the everyday baby shower. Plus, it means that most of our guests will likely be in town (no weekend plans to stand in the way) and our budget is a bit more friendly without the cost of a meal.

Lauren Lee of L&Co., one of my co-hosters, created these beautiful invites that are in the mail! Can’t wait to share the details of the day soon.

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  1. Morgan says

    Brittany, wonderful job with your inspiration board on your blog! Just checked it out :).

  2. says

    Great Minds think alike! I did an inspiration board a few weeks ago with this theme and it looks like we found a lot of the same pics!

  3. says

    I remember pregnancy and the urge for nesting for so overwhelming that I could not contain it. The problem was I was on bed rest in hospital for three months, now babyshowers for me *snif, snif*. Instead I drove my family & nurses crazy by barking orders from the bed side. Your inspiration looks beautiful.

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