Favorite Fabric: Oh Suzani

The latest collection by Oh Suzani (you can find it over here at Calico Corners) is quickly rising to the top of my ‘favorite upholstery fabrics’ chart. I would love to turn a yard or two into a small table overlay, a framed print for above the bed or a few throw pillows for the living room.

The pattens are playful, the prints are bold and it’s just enough tribal to break up a ho-hum average room. Here are two Suzani examples by designer Jeffery Bilhuber and  House Beautiful that I love:

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And don’t forget to enter Fabricadabra’s Pillow Giveaway! (More beautiful Ikat eye-candy than the home can hold…)

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  1. Joanna says

    Hi! I would love to know what fabric the green curtains are made out of- love them!!!!

  2. Jan Jessup says

    Hi, Morgan–
    Great post on the suzani design fabrics! The patterns at Calico Corners come in both prints and jacquard upholstery weights, so you can find just the right texture for your project. Many of the new suzani patterns are a little smaller in scale, less of a bullseye scale, and easier to use in home decorating.

    The word “suzani” means needlework and these were primarily produced by the nomadic women and girls of Uzbekistan (and other ‘stans’ of Central Asia) for their yurts and tents. Suzanis were also important dowry pieces.
    Jan Jessup

    • Morgan says

      Hi Jan, thanks for sharing all of this wonderful information. I knew that the suzani artwork developed primarily in the Central Asia area and it’s a fascinating history.

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