Fun Inspiration: Robot Kids Party!

Check out this super-adorable Robot Party that Chenin over at Boutwell Studio recently threw for her son’s 1st birthday.

Each detail was carefully planned for Maxfield’s special day… from the handmade paper bunting and birthday sign to the robot party garland.

In Chenin’s words: “I think my favorite project was the flower vases, which I made out of recycled glass jars and dryer ducting.  We also had a Make-Your-Own-Robot Station, where kids (and adults, it turns out….) could choose a blank paper robot and decorate him.”

“Grace from Sweet Gems made the adorable cake… We had Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots for the kids to play and each child got to take one of these paper robot boxes home, which were filled with stickers, wind up robots and Pop Rocks.”

Oh how fun! I love the theme and all of the special details… what a neat kids party this would make at any age. Thanks, Chenin!

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  1. says

    Wow! You and your party inspirations are amazing. If I ever have the need to throw an important party I”m hiring you to do it. You must have a wealth of ideas store in your head!

    • Morgan says

      Thanks, Alexis! You’re sweet :), I’m glad you like the inspirational ideas!

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