Organizing with Expedit {and it’s pretty, too}

So I’m on the hunt for some very creative ideas with a classic {and favorite} bookcase by Ikea: the Expedit. I couldn’t believe what I found! There are some tremendously inspiring people out there with some awesome ideas for a piece that’s only $159 (and that’s for the largest size).

There are plenty of Before & Afters out there to demonstrate that with fabric, wallpaper, paint, baskets, bins… it’s the ultimate organizer.

From stacking one on top of the other as a creative room divider to lining a full wall to replicate a built-in unit, I’m pretty convinced the Expedit could hold it’s own in a craft room, dining room and kids room alike.

So great! A few more fun ideas (including an Expedit piece literally built into a studio apartment and a great design with picture frames and mirrors attached to the front) after the jump.

Credits: Grippiks, Apartment Therapy, Cameron MacNeil, My Creative Life, Oh Brooke, Glassford Hill Girl,, Apartment Therapy, Kimhas7cat Flickr Account, Shade, PadCandy, Ish & Chi, Centsational Girl

I love the look of a wallpapered backing in this Apartment Therapy example:

And there it is! There’s plenty of inspiration out there!

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  1. Elena says

    Thank you for taking the time to share these ideas. It was exactly what I was looking for!!

  2. cheep3r5 says

    Take the measurements from IKEA baskets & bins that fit the Expedit and go to Target and other stores. I remember someone saying that local stores have things that will fit the Expedit openings.

  3. says

    I’m amazed how great these all look – and the ones stacked vertically are stunning.
    Thank you, I will have to seriously consider this!

  4. Rachel says

    I have been looking for baskets and storage containers for my expedit bookcase. Anyone know where to find some, like the ones pictured above?

    • Morgan says

      Hi Rachel, Ikea has a large selection of baskets and bins that fit their Expedit, but I have also found most of mine at Target (they carry a similar design and the fabric drawers, baskets, etc fit both perfectly). Michaels does not make baskets for a bookcase but with careful measurements you might be able to find your solution (HomeGoods, too). If anyone else knows of other resources, I’d love to hear about them too!


  5. says

    Love this! Just bought an Expedit last week for the kids play/craft room and have been playing with how to organize and style it.

  6. says

    I love the black full of the baskets! I am looking to redo my craft room and this would be a perfect way to organize all the random things needed! I love it! Thanks :)

    Happy Friday!

  7. says

    In am definately going to look into buying some of these! They are so affordable anf they look great! Love it!

  8. says

    We have the expedit shelves in both our sons playrooms and in my office. Love them, they dust easily hold everything, super sturdy but not bulky! So many new ideas here, I may have to buy some more.

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