Favorite Trend: Imperial Trellis Pattern

A favorite trend that I’d like to share today is one that has really lit up the design world over the past year. Kelly Wearstler’s contemporary pattern covers everything from throw pillows to hallway walls (that’s Chloe Sevigny’s green entry way above).

What’s special about the design is that even in small doses the imperial trellis print adds just enough modernity to update a living room that’s feeling dated, it’s amazing what a super-trendy fabric, wallpaper or stencil (check out that dining room wall just below) can do for a room!

Kirsten over at 6th Street Design School even made her own trellis fabric for a recent pelmet box project – see the process here. And there’s my update for today! Images from DecorPad (more great imperial trellis inspiration over there, too).

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    I completely agree! I can’t get enough of this pattern! I’m going to be selling some fabric that looks very similar to the Imperial Trellis pattern. Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll be posting it on my blog soon. I’ll have four colors available for less than $50 a yard. Keep your photos coming, they’re gorgeous!

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    I am a recent convert to the Trellis pattern. I always regarded it as too traditional for my home but I think I’m on board now. Maybe just a pillow or two to start but who knows where that will lead. Thanks for the inspiration!

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