Wonderful Weekend… But One Computer Down

I’ve had such a wonderful weekend – I’ve shared my birthday with great friends on an all-day adventure (a surprise from the husband), had a guest appearance on the San Diego 7/39 NBC Morning Show and just finished a day at the Stylish Spaces Design Expo where I shared many a new project (10 in total!).

But sadly I lost my computer to an ill-fated drop and so while I type out this message on my iPhone I’m lamenting my blog which has received zero updates in four days. My computer (if all goes well!) returns tomorrow and I look forward to sharing many pictures and projects with you!

Until then have a wonderful end to your weekend.

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  1. says

    Well you’ve had a weekend of highs and lows. Hope you get back on track right away.
    Carol@The Design Pages

    • Morgan says

      Finally have a computer :), there’s nothing like the feeling of being ‘connected’ again. Every piece of my job (consulting and blogging) is usually online and it was difficult having to lose such a valuable tool for such a busy weekend!


  2. says

    I’m glad you had a wonderful weekend despite the computer dropping! My hard drive died a few weeks ago and it was a sad day – so I can feel your pain!

    Happy Birthday!

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