Tasty Treats for a Weekend Full of 4th of July Fun

When I was little, it was always my job each year to make a patriotic red, white and blue dessert… I don’t know how this little tradition came about but as a 12-year-old I loved taking on the daunting responsibility of baking my own treat for two dozen or so family friends! Thinking back to those years {and after oohing & ahhing over these photos} I’m thinking it might be fun to tackle the job again.

Our 4th of July now is typically reserved for a long day at the beach complete with volleyball, fireworks and marshmallow fights (true event – the whole beach brings bags of marshmallows for tossing across bonfires as soon as the night ends. It’s innocent and fun but what’s it like to wake up with melted marshmallow in your hair? gross).

Here are a few mouth-watering desserts that are catching my eye this year. Thanks BHG for all of the lovely inspiration! From Berry-Lemon Nepoleans, Raspberry Custard Brulee to Cheesecake Parfaits and Panna Cotta di Casa there are too many choices…

I’m tempted most by the Berry Pudding Cake, above, but might resign to a more beach-friendly alternative like Poundcake and Strawberries shaped like stars or pre-made plastic cups full of Red, White & Blue Parfait. Oh yum.

Mouth is watering… maybe I’ll have to make one each night until the big day…

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    BHG really does have the best 4th of July dessert ideas! I remember even since I was little looking at my moms magazines and thinking they all looked so yummy. Something inspires them over at BHG around the 4th that’s for sure! I think I want to try the “berry pudding cake.” Yum!

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