Lumnique *Giveaway* Winner!

A big congratulations to Camila F. who won the Lumnique giveaway and selected the following custom candles:

-Intention: a harmonious home, Color: dove, Fragrance: vanilla
-Intention: a harmonious home, Color: wine, Fragrance: strawberry fields

Thanks for participating, everyone!

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  1. says

    Well, I guess I’m not the winner after all. Lumnique decided it was NOT an international giveaway AFTER the results were out. Lovely, right? :/

    Thanks anyway Morgan!

    • Morgan says

      This is so awful! I’m so sorry for this horrible miscommunication on Lumnique’s part – PDB was unaware at any point that shipping internationally was not an option. Thank you for your support of Pepper and I hope we can make it up to you.

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