A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

So a while back I had mentioned that I was working on a little project over here that I was over-the-top excited about. I’m nearly done with the programming of this little gidget and enlisted the help of a friend to help me work out the last loops.

And it’s here! It’s ready to be unveiled.

Wardrobe Style Boards has sat in the back of my imagination since launching the site – but there was always so much to share in the world of entertaining and home decor that I wasn’t sure if incorporating fashion would be the right move.

My love of all things design has gotten the best of me though and I hope you enjoy the regular looks/updates as much as I enjoy pulling them together!

So as not to disrupt the flow of the site, I’ve switched out that slideshow on the right sidebar and have dedicated it to the wardrobe look-book. You can click on it at any time and hop on over to a page FULL of fun fashion finds (complete with sources & pricing). There’s also a new pink navigation button over there in the left sidebar.

Whenever possible, I’ve linked favorite finds to Amazon since I’ve found that clothing & accessory links last longer (aka don’t sell out as fast, become broken links, etc) than regular store sites. Amazon has a continuous flow of sellers so usually products are available regardless of which store it’s shipping from.

Wardrobe Style Boards is launching with 5 outfit inspirations. Whether it’s fall or summer weather in your town (hope to be able to sort by weather soon!) there are a few ideas to inspire for all seasons. The feature will continue to grow with affordable finds each week and hopefully turn into a regular on the blog.

The functionality might change over the next couple of  months… but I’m excited that the Wardrobe Style Board page is finally here!! PS, if you see any glitches or bugs on your screen – or have any suggestions – do share!

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