Home Inspiration: House Doctor

I would very much like to find a store like House Doctor here in the States. These rich jewel tones bring a nice contrast to the usual warm fall colors and I love how they look against a white background and with colorful fabrics.

More often than not I shy away from blues and cool tones in favor of earthy, warm colors. But I’m inspired to mix in some contrast this fall in the form of tinted glass vases, saturated table centerpieces and Mediterranean-inspired fabrics after a quick browse through the collection.


The little details in the above photo are some of my favorites – handmade box shelves in the background lined in beautiful papers, colorful dishware stacked along side pantry items in this open kitchen setting, a recovered black stool in a bright fabric that pops, hand grown herbs at the ready are both practical and pretty.

No, it’s not spring yet. In fact I’m embracing fall to the fullest over here but I couldn’t help but share a bit of inspiration to mix up your usual palette. Thanks, Decor8 for sharing this great find! While you’re over there, don’t miss House Doctor’s creative blog, too.

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