Three New Style Boards

It’s been a bit drearier than usual in San Diego lately. Overnight our weather has gone from beautiful, sunny skies to cold, overcast weather with the occasional raindrops. This week’s three style board additions are inspired by this slow change into fall! Check out all of the boards here.

October weather is a perfect launch into cooler temperatures. We start to bring out our big chunky sweaters (though we can still get away with pairing them with leggings and flats) and begin to pack up the sundresses and shorts. As you can probably tell from above, I’m loving oxfords, silky soft blouses and lots of layers at the moment!

Just in case you missed the launch of this new addition last week, I’ve added a little pink “Wardrobe” button in the left sidebar for easy access to a growing number of style inspiration boards (including sources & pricing for all of the looks). The slideshow to the right links directly as well.

Hope October is treating you well, wherever you’re located!

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  1. says

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the upper left look – I am into vintage/flowy prints for some reason. I like the one on the right, I just can’t get into the Oxford shoes, reminds me too much of my dreaded junior high and high school fashions! :) I am also about the chunky sweaters and leggings – working from home now I can get away with that! :)

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