Time for Fall Decorating – A Few Inspirational Finds

So the weather is finally feeling a bit autumn-ish around here and while we’re half way through fall I’m just beginning to put up decorations for the season.

I love this time of year! There’s nothing like hot cider, over-sized scarves and pumpkin patches to make my month.

Needing a bit of new inspiration, I headed to my usual virtual hot spots (Martha, BHG, Southern Living, HGTV and even Pottery Barn online vignettes) and thought I’d share my favorites.

I’m all about bringing the outdoors in with natural elements such as fall veggies (gourds, pumpkins and the like) and big branches. You might remember my ‘favorite trends’ post on branches here – but these ideas (above and below images) are just as magical. Plus, these branch examples will last well into winter since most are already dried and dead or faux.

Other inspiring ideas:
1. Filling extra vases, bowls and cake stands with fall leaves, pine cones, gourds, seeds (dried pumpkin, split pea, yellow rice, etc make great vase fillers) and even corks popped from the holidays
2. Hanging orange paper lanterns (extra points if they have black construction paper cut out jack-o-lantern faces on them) in both indoor and outdoor spaces
3. Using pumpkins for more purposes than carving – I love the simple house number paint job the above pumpkins received or the ornament versions hanging from branches (manzanita would be sturdy enough to support them)
4. Wrapping die cut shapes or faux fall leaves around candles or candle holders with twine (real dried leaves would be a fire hazard)

Now I’ll get back to decorating… can’t wait to find more ideas and to begin working on the above!

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  1. says

    Hi Morgan- I love the fall inspired designs, they look like so much fun. Here in Australia we don’t seem to pay homage to the seasons like this, Autumn just seems to hearld the coming of winter which no one wants to celebrate, I think :). Its a Bit of a shame really, cause I think we should be more in touch with the seasons. Halloween always looks like so much fun to me, such a shame no one gets behind it here. Maybe we’ll do a Jack-o-lanten this year just for fun. Thanks for stopping by “Lady In Residence”
    ~Lady S

  2. says

    My hubby and I are working on extending our back patio, so I LOVE the top picture of the outdoor decor! I’ve been looking for patio design inspiration, so this is perfect. Sometimes it’s hard to find where to start looking. I also love the idea of using corks as autumn decor filler; we’ve been collecting these for a while and haven’t found any useful decor for them yet. Great for my dining room table centerpiece bowl!

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