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A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

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If I could pull together a wish list of any fall-inspired additions I’d add to the home and wardrobe this October, here would be my picks:

1. Brown Mary Janes: These could quickly become my go-to rain shoes with their sturdy 3″ heel (to keep me out of puddles) and the modern leather detailing. These Mary Janes would work great with a skirt and wool tights, or paired with denim jeans and a long cardigan.

2. Eternity Knit Scarf: I love the circular style of scarves right now! This ribbed version looks so warm and inviting.

3. Owl Accessories: I’d update my dining room with a few nature-inspired accessories like these owl salad plates. It would look great solo on a plate stand amongst the shelves of white dishes.

4. Plaid Pencil Skirt: Plaid and herringbone are my favorite fall patterns and this warm, soft wool skirt would look great paired with a cozy turtleneck and heels (maybe those brown Mary Janes?).

5. A Vintage Floral Rug: Okay, so maybe I wouldn’t change out the throw rugs just for the season but I do love the wildflower-esq florals of this beautiful rug.

6. A Patterned Orange Rug: Likewise, I love the bright color and geometric pattern of this orange rug and would be oh-so-happy to add it to a bedroom for a fall lift.

7. Branch Clothing Hooks: I’ve always been a fan of branches – and how neat are these? They would be perfect in a mudroom ready to store pea coats from incoming guests.

8. An Owl Candle: More owl… he seems to be the animal of the season this year and this candle would be the perfect addition to the living room.

9. A White Patterned Ceramic Vase: I have always loved over-sized vases and the intricate square pattern adorning this one makes me think it would be a perfect fit for my space.

10. Cottage-esq Accessories & Vases: Back to the wildflower-esq accessories, this glass bottle and wire basket combo (resembling an old-fashioned milk carrier) would be a sweet country addition to the kitchen right next to the sink. Add a few stems and it would be a nice reminder of spring to come!

11. A Bold Sunburst Mirror: Can’t get enough big, bold mirrors and this is my new favorite. Maybe a splurge I’ll have to consider for above the mantel? It’s a beauty.

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