Friday Guest Blog Interview: Layla Grayce

It’s such a delight to come across a new blog that you immediately find yourself smitten with. I’m not sure by whom or when I was introduced to Layla Grayce but The Backroom is a fun and inspiring read.

The shop & blog were started by life-long friends, Wendy & Tiffany, who were inspired by the antiques, arts and furnishings they discovered while traveling through Europe together after college. Years later they joined forces to build a well-edited shop of dreamy home and fashion goods.

The Backroom is the blog portion of the site and is a collection of all things design. Whether it’s a round-up of favorite finds:

Pumpkin, November, October Decor, Design Round Up

A review of a latest store addition (check out their AMAZING shop here):

A sweet recipe to sink your teeth into:

Layla Grayce Pumpkin Cinnamon roll Recipe

Or even a comparison of the best rainboots, an interview with your favorite celeb design stylist, or a fantastic giveaway – you’ll love their style! Currently I’m head-over-heels for Layla Grayce’s online modern nursery selection (this is actually on my inspiration board right now).

Head on over to the full interview to really dive into the design styles of these unique ladies. PDB asked Tiffany and Wendy to each answer the four usual questions and I think you’ll like what they have to say! Happy Friday, everyone.


{PDB Interview with Wendy & Tiffany}


What inspires your design style?


For many of us in design-related fields the answer often goes like “inspiration is lifted from almost everything.” And it couldn’t be more true. It could be something as insignificant as a ribbon detail to a graphic design piece, artwork or textiles.

We’re surrounded by beautifully adorned products at the store and frequently attend furniture, gift and home trade shows where strong design is showcased so the inspiration is always flowing! After trial and error, growth and exposure to design and designer’s works, I’m deliberately keeping my overall design aesthetic classic. It makes it easier to scatter my home with trends I’m loving at the moment whether it be a popular color or a trending, bold accent.

A nice hotel is another place I draw upon inspiration. Often they have big budgets and commission remarkable designers resulting in show-stopping design in common areas, lobbies, etc.


Growing up near the ocean and drawing inspiration from the colors of nature has always influenced my design aesthetic. My appreciation of all design genres has been fueled through exploring places both abroad and throughout our own country – from the aging beauty of an architectural window to experiencing the way different cultures live or dress. Books, magazines and blogs such as Pepper Design offer inspiration in a matter of seconds through photos and design advice and I am addicted to all three design resources for my daily creative fix.

Layla Grace - Pepper Design Blog Interview Italy Inspiration

What do you love most about what you do?


I mentioned the trade shows- It’s a visual all you can eat banquet feast! With Tiffany in California and me in Atlanta the shows allow us to catch up, talk biz and then hunt down. There’s a sort of thrill to it that gets us girly giddy about a solid find to bring back and share with customers.


I love everything about co-owning Layla Grayce with my dear friend, Wendy. It is a dream come true to be able to express my creativity while using my design education. The two things I love most? By far, the priceless relationships I enjoy daily with our incredible product manufacturers, loyal customers, and exceptional Layla Grayce staff. Secondly, is the ongoing adventure of “the hunt” to find just the right items for The ultimate reward comes from the opportunity to help our customers build their own beautiful surroundings and the positive feedback we receive when they let us how much they love our products after they have arrived.

What are your favorite design trends?


Color: Gray, gray and a little bit of gray. And, gray mixed slight touches of lilac, pale pink or yellow. I’m even painting my toes in a grayish-lilac called Parlez Vous OPI. I keep it in my handbag, just in case there’s a whim for a spontaneous pedi.

Layla Grace Guest Interview - Pepper Design Blog

Embellishments & Accents: I’ve also been drawn to the very neutral palette of linens, white’s and ivories accented with gilded pieces that can glam it up in subtle way. Rich accent pieces such as a gilded side table or mirror juxtaposes this worn, aged look nicely.

Layla Grace Interview - Pepper Design Blog - Gilding, Decorating, Silver, Gold

Prints: The chevron print. I realize it’s a trend that’s been established for a while now, but I still can’t get over Mary McDonald’s chevron painted on a bathroom floor published in Domino- it blew my mind when I first saw it (of course because it was a shade of gray). You can see it here on Erin’s blog:

Layla Grace - Interview Pepper Design Blog - Grey Blue Chevron Kitchen Floor


Because trends may only last a year or two, I prefer to use classic traditional or modern anchor pieces that will last for future generations, and then mix in a trendy color scheme using rugs, decorative pillows, accessories and lighting. Due to my great love for antiques, my favorite trend would have to be the influx of antique reproductions using unfinished woods, textured natural linens, and period lighting. These pieces give homes a sense of history at an affordable price and allow the story of their inspiration to continue.

Layla Grace Guest Blot Interview - Aiden Grey Chair, Linen, French, Design

Chair by Aidan Gray

What are three design suggestions that you would like to offer our readers?


1. Splurge & Save – Splurge on the things you madly, deeply love and cut costs wherever else. You’ll be much happier with a few statement pieces that speak to you than a roomful of just okay.

2. Moodboards – There are many resources anyone can use to express their design style, creating a room all their own. Recently, Olioboard launched over 4500 of our products in to their site which allows you to lay out items such as furniture, rugs, lighting, fabrics so you can get a feel for what works, what doesn’t. Polyvore is another resource to use for this type of collage effect. It’s fun, if you like addictions (warning).

3. Real life is not perfect and neither should your house be – It’s taken me my whole symmetrical life to figure this one out. My house designed 4 years ago is not reflective of who I am today. Sure trends are an influencing factor but my life is nothing short of an unbelievable urgent care story (with 4 kids) or odd-ball crazy working hours. Nothing’s perfect in life…neither should our houses be. In my opinion, a house should look lived in. Neat and minimally accessorized but reflective of your story. Decorate with items from your travels, hang your children’s artwork wherever you want. It tells a story of who you are, who your family is. “Love your life, express YOUR style!”

Layla Grace - Guest Blog Interview PDB - Chandelier - Blue - Dining Room

From Wendy’s dining room.


1. Good design is more than what is sitting on the floor. It’s the small things in a room that make the difference in creating a successfully designed space. Remember to complete the room with coordinating window treatments, task and decorative lighting, artwork and accessories.

2. Invest in quality basics such as a neutral colored sofa, bed or dining table. Then give them new life for years to come by rotating out decorative pillows, bedding, chairs and rugs.

3. Measure once and then measure again! It is a sad day in the office when we receive a call from a customer who invested in a gorgeous furniture piece from Layla Grayce only to find it won’t fit through the door, or up the stairs.


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  1. Stacey Pybus says

    I LOVE everything! Could you please tell me the paint color in Wendy’s dining room. I am looking for a fabulous blue.
    Thank you so much,
    Stacey Pybus

    • Morgan says

      Hi Stacey! I sent an email to Wendy about this – hope to follow up with you soon!


  2. says

    Love that you thought to include us Morgan! We look forward to your Friday guest blog series and are honored to take part. Also, sincere thanks Cristin for your kind words and for everyone’s support through the years. xo

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