A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family
A Little of This & That… Renovating, Decorating, DIY Projects & Family

The temperature is playing a silly game of betcha-still-think-it’s-summer in this neck of the woods with record November highs in the 90’s, but our weather man claims that that’s about to change (fall, where are you?).

Regardless, this is what I’d be eyeing if it were a tad bit chillier – and if it were MUCH chillier (as it is in some parts!) perhaps a knee-length cream or navy pea coat to top it off:

Style Board, Fashion Inspiration, Wardrobe Ideas, Mary Janes, Grey Cardigan, Pendant, Tan, Blue Stripe Blouse, Collar Shirt, Cold Weather, Fall

Sources and pricing info over on the Style Boards page.

Simple, clean and very chic. A basic striped blouse topped with a tie cardigan and long silver pendant for the top, and bootcut jeans with tan leather mary janes (these Seychelles have a sturdy enough heel to survive a day of working/running around on the feet) on the bottom. Rotate out the top with a plain white tee, floral tank or even another sweater and you’ve got yourself some easy fall looks waiting in the closet!

In honor of San Diego’s semi-sweet weather, here’s a mild-weather, basic inspiration board for a weekend around town:

Style Board, Fashion Inspiration, Wardrobe Ideas, Red flats, skinny jeans, fedora, pendant, striped long sleeve shirt, short sleeve sweater, messenger bag

I love love exaggerated, over-sized sweaters and this black cinched waist version would look great layered over a striped long sleeve tee. Match that with skinny jeans in a light wash (I might roll these to a few inches above the ankle), bold flats (love the lace up design on the back of these), a gender-neutral messenger bag and a black fedora and you’d be ready to go. For a simple statement piece, an over-sized gold locket fits over the over-sized short sleeve sweater.

If it’s a bit blizzardy where you are, swap out the flats for knee-high boots and throw on a knit scarf and a waist-length jacket for running to and from your warm, heater-filled car to the house.

This is a wonderful time of year! Scarves, layering and wool hats make fall an exciting season to look forward to. More inspiration, style boards and the sources/pricing for above boards found here.

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