Psst… Have You Heard of Craigseasy?

We’re huge fans of Craigslist over here – I mean HUGE fans. Over the years we’ve purchased a great PB bed & dresser, our super sturdy living room bookcases, my favorite dining room ladder bookshelves, all of our kitchen appliances (range, dishwasher, fridge – even the sink), several area rugs and dozens of tools. We even found Kevin’s truck and our MacGregor sailboat from the favorite site.

But what’s the one thing that has always driven me completely bonkers with this super nifty, garage-sale-on-steroids tool? The fact that the developers haven’t added a super nifty sort feature by image to help with delving through piles and piles of listings. When Craigslook came about a while back I had found my answer – but then they were shut down.

Craigseasy, craigslook, craigslist tool

Enter Craigseasy! This new tool allows you to scroll through the images of listings quickly without having to open each post, so you can hunt down that vintage settee or over-sized mirror in a couple of minutes rather than the countless hours it used to take to open the hundreds of different links individually.

Big thank you to Three Men & a Lady for letting me in on this little secret! Next up on the Craigseasy search is a changing table to makeover for the nursery and a big comfy chair to reupholster for our bedroom…

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  1. Morgan says

    I know, that is a bummer that it doesn’t run on safari or explorer… I’m surprised the toolbar addition is only for firefox, too!


  2. Ali says

    This will help me so much with my new apt. hunt since moving! Just wish there was a chrome or sarfari option too..sigh. Thanks Morgs!

  3. Jen says

    Sweet deal! Thanks you so much for sharing! :) Hubby and I were just using the site yesterday too… got a free Christmas tree, pre-lit too (with a funny story tagged onto to it)! YES!

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