Feathering the Nest for Christmas

White, Teal, Turquoise, DIY, Handmade, Tutorial, Feather Trees, Glitter

Our Christmas tree is up and the theme is color, color, color from its tip top down to its toes. But despite my love of firetruck red and lime green around this time of the year, there has always been something pure and classic about white Christmas decor that I’m continuously drawn too.

When I found trees similar to these feathered friends for $25 each I decided that this is a DIY project I can tackle in an evening. That day I stopped by the craft store for feathers, a small container of Elmer’s glue and poster board – totaling in at less than $5 for the whole bunch.

White, Teal, Turquoise, DIY, Handmade, Tutorial, Feather Trees, Glitter


{Feathered Christmas Trees}


*White poster board
*White feathers (Two .25oz bags worked out to be the perfect amount for me)
*Elmer’s glue (or similar)

1. Cut the poster board into two cone shapes – one small and one large. The easiest way to do this is to roll the paper into your desired cone size and then cut the base and extra corners so that it sits flat. Staple edges together to hold the cone shape.

2. Begin at the base of the cone (to cover up the tops of the feathers as you go) and line paper with a small amount of glue. Lie feathers flat (facing down) against the cone so that just the furry sides absorb a small amount of glue. Work your way up the cone and continue layering until the entire cone is covered. I went back and forth between the small and large cone gluing a layer on each and letting one dry as I was working on the other.

3. Let dry and display. Easy peasy!

White, Teal, Turquoise, DIY, Handmade, Tutorial, Feather Trees, Glitter

I love how simple and classic they look on our vintage sideboard next to Bodie’s black & white puppy picture and a cylinder vase filled with dried white beans and glittery turquoise ornaments.

And can you believe that Christmas is only 12 days away?


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  1. says

    Oh these are so beautiful! And they look just great in your home! Just the kind of thing I would’ve loved to have made pre-kitties. But now my life is curtailed by what they won’t pounce, scratch, and attempt to kill, lol.

    xoxo Mary Jo

  2. says

    Those really accent that table perfectly! I love the texture of the feathers against the shine of the lamp and the ornaments!

    …oh, and don’t remind me that there are only 12 days left…eeek!

  3. says

    12 days?! Yikes!
    I love, love, love feathers and these trees are just perfect! I think I’ll put that on next year’s project list since we’re already leaving to see our families in a few days! I’m so excited!

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