Sequins, Sequins and… More Sparkly Things

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Ours was very low key – we enjoyed a delicious Christmas Eve meal with family, went to Mass to celebrate the Reason for the Season and checked out Christmas lights around town. On Christmas day we slept in, enjoyed a delicious brunch by Kevin and opened presents with family – an afternoon walk and a trip to the movies (maybe our last for a while?) capped off the perfect day!

This weekend has already been pretty productive when it comes to home updates – we had electricians over all day yesterday installing lights and outlets in the new guestroom/office while Kevin cleared up the ceilings (being an old kitchen, there were plenty of gas lines and the like).

Meanwhile… my mind has already begun to wander to our next big holiday. And when I think of New Year’s Eve, all that glitters is what comes to mind!

New Year's Eve Outfit Inspiration, Wardrobe, Style Board, Ideas, Inspire, Sequin, Party, Celebration

While I may not get to partake in the skinny jeans and sheer dress look this coming weekend, I’ve been inspired by a couple of New Year’s Eve wardrobe ideas (here’s a link to the entire list of style boards). I can’t think of a better reason to embrace sequins, sparkles and glitter!

Two looks that I’m especially drawn to:

A Casual Dinner Out: I’m loving the above white sequin top for so many reasons, especially that casual/comfy shape that looks so great when paired with skinny jeans. These Report flats are spot-on in price and would add that little something to outfits throughout the year.

New Year's Eve Outfit Inspiration, Wardrobe, Style Board, Ideas, Inspire, Sequin, Party, Celebration

Downtown with Friends: These semi-low booties would be the perfect pair for walking the streets of downtown with friends for the final countdown. Whether it’s bar hopping or setting up shop at one favorite locale, I love this shear little dress and glittery clutch.

To track down any of these finds and see pricing info, check out the slideshow here.

This weekend you’ll likely find me uber pregnant and curled up on the couch with hubby and Martinellis enjoying the last few days of Christmas decor around the house, but here’s to dreaming of a sparkly, glittery night welcoming in the new year!

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    Hi Sandi, Ironically, we went out to see Due Date! Very funny and definitely a highly spirited movie for the holiday. I was worried about a traumatic birth scene thrown in there for effect but thankfully there was none!


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