Grow, Baby, Grow: We’ve Reached the Finish Line

I try not to overwhelm the blog with too many baby update posts… I know it detracts from the design element of the site and that it’s not super high on everyone’s priority list (though we can hardly contain the excitement over here!) but I thought it would be fun to provide the occasional 3 month update on the belly and impending baby arrival.

Well, we’ve officially reached the finish line! Here’s the announcements from month 3 and month 6, and here’s the most recent photo update looking back through month number 9!

Kevin and I cannot believe that there’s a little person in there!

Choosing an outside photo location was not such a great idea considering the lighting of different times of the day (aligning that one correctly each month would have been a bit difficult) but overall I think this growing-baby-belly experiment was successful. It’s been neat to record the progress of the bump for use in a future baby photo book and just for oohing and ahhing over here by Kevin and me.

On another note, we’ve celebrated with a few wonderful showers that I’m excited to share. The first was a coed shower in the Santa Cruz Mountain wine country (where I’m from originally) and the second, a local San Diego shower for friends and family close by.

Kev and I are so fortunate to have family and friends who are just as excited to celebrate with us to welcome this new life. Kevin’s mom threw me a shower in Phoenix earlier in the fall, which I posted about here, and my Mom threw us a shower in October in my hometown of Santa Cruz. Kevin had the chance to participate in this one since it was a coed get-together at a local vineyard.

Don’t worry, I didn’t take part in the wine tasting, but the tour of the vineyard and chance to catch up with family and friends was wonderful!

A fun present for a daddy-to-be (if you’re attending a coed shower any time soon) is a diaper changing tool belt! Kevin received a belt and one of my baby dolls from long time ago – he was timed and had to correctly change (with all of those diaper changing tools) the doll while everyone cheered him on.

My girlfriends in San Diego also threw me a local shower which was so special, and they really went above and beyond when it came to adorable decorations and delicious food. A few of the details included a brunch buffet with a handmade paper flag backdrop, glass mason jars hanging from a lemon tree (we opened presents on big blankets under the tree – how perfect for a beautiful San Diego afternoon) and chai tea favor jars for all guests.

A great game that they put together was a quiz that was first answered by both my mom and Kevin’s, and then passed out to all guests. Questions varied from how much we weighed as newborns to when we took our first step to our favorite baby food, it was really neat to hear what everyone thought and to attempt to answer the questions myself!


Don’t worry… if you’re not all baby belly crazy like we are right now, updates on the new office/guest bedroom (and its new set of found-by-the-side-of-the-road french doors) and nursery are coming soon.

Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. Norell says

    You are adorable & I love seeing the monthly progress of the baby tummy. I can’t wait to see the little one. I’m never bored when you share info about baby & personal life. It is wonderful to hear about daily life too!!

  2. says

    Hey there! I have loved seeing your belly shots, and hope you are willing to share updates as your little one grows. (then again, I just love kids and am always posting pics of my little girl! Those showers look like they were a blast, and you looked stunning! Even though we’ll all miss you, take some time to soak in the new baby moments. They go by so quickly! Congratulations, and here’s to hoping the little one makes his/her debut soon!

    • Morgan says

      Thanks so much, PartyMom! I am so excited to share photos of the new little one once he/she arrives – amazing the anticipation these little guys can build up! Especially when they’re taking their time :). Happy 2011!

  3. Janelle says

    Hello Morgan,
    I couldn’t agree more with everything that Luciane posted. It’s been awesome to see the progress of your little one and so exciting to anticipate the birth of Baby S!! My guess is that I can speak for everyone who follows you, in saying that the ‘personal touch’ you add to your blog is what endears you to so many readers.
    Wishing you all of the best for a wonderul year!

    • Morgan says

      Hi Janelle,
      Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words! It’s really wonderful to hear feedback on incorporating more personal touches to the blog and it’s so nice to *meet* another reader. Happy 2011!

  4. says


    Wow! Wow!!! Wow for you, for your belly, for your baby, for your life and excitement! It’s funny.. I don’t know you but I’m thinking about you and your baby. Wishing you all the best.

    I have 2 children (ages 5 and 4) and I remember how much we wait to have our little ones on our arms and how we want to know how they look like… and yes, it’s incredible to know there’s a real person inside of that belly. It’s definitely a miracle, the most important gift you’ll ever have…. and you’re caring it now.

    I wish you, your baby and your husband a very happy, healthy and calm year. Take the necessary time to enjoy everything about your baby. The beginning is hard and you’ll feel tired, but remember one thing… they grow really fast, and in a couple of years you’ll miss be able to have your little one in your arms, with that tiny hands… enjoy all of this. It’s a very, very special moment you’re living.

    Many hugs!

    Luciane at

    • Morgan says

      Thank you, Luciane! You are so sweet and thoughtful… it’s funny because we’re trying to pack so much in before this little bundle arrives but we know that we’re going to have to slooooow it down after the little one is here. I hope you have a wonderful and happy New Year with your family as well – take care and thanks for the comment!


  5. says

    You’re like the cutest pregnant girl ever! I am 13 weeks now, and I look bigger than you at 5 months! LOL. I guess it’s b/c it’s my second!
    Congratulations and here’s to a healthy baby, and wonderful, smooth delivery!

  6. Sarah says

    I have only subscribed to a total of 2 blogs…one of those being yours! it is amazing and i love all of your posts!!!

    • Morgan says

      Hi Sarah,
      Thanks for the incredible compliment! I hope you continue to enjoy the posts over here and a huge Welcome to you!

  7. stephanie says

    i loved that you took pics every month of the belly. such a cute idea and great for scrapbooking!!

  8. says

    It’s so fun to see 9 months of belly pictures! At this stage of my life, being a new mom myself, I don’t think I could get sick of hearing about baby stuff!
    I’m glad to hear everything is going great–I hope it continues that way and everything goes smoothly whenever the big day arrives!!
    Happy New Year!

  9. Morgan says

    Thank you so much, Londen, Kate and Sue! Wishing you a wonderful 2011 (Sue, we were in NZ this time last year!) and a very happy New Year’s Eve.


  10. says

    We in Australia are already into a New Year
    2011! 1/1/2011 today! No time to waste;)
    I am excited for you with the arrival of
    your baby and new family to start!
    Loved the baby and nursery blogs.
    Been there and done that but it is all new
    and fun to enjoy your journey too.
    Look forward to hearing all goes well.
    Best Wishes for the happiest of New Years.
    Astrachic Studio
    South Australia

  11. says

    You look fantastic! Don’t worry, new moms are allowed to go a little baby crazy, it’s totally natural. But then the day will come when you just want to return to ‘adult’ stuff like remodeling and great design! Cheers to a fabulous 2011, you’ll have the very best present of all!


  12. says

    You are too cute! It IS amazing that there is a person in there ready to come out and meet you. I’m so excited for you guys!
    Have a happy New Year!

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