*Lowe’s Air Purifier* Giveaway!

Kevin and I have heard from countless friends how important it is to have an air purifier in the nursery, and that this item alone can cut down on airborne allergens such as dust, mildew, pollen and pet hair (our Bodie sheds a TON) to keep baby happy and healthy.

We were thrilled when Lowe’s offered to gift us with an air purifier from their new line of Idylis models to test out in the space, especially after learning that each unit contains a HEPA filter that removes up to 99.97% of airborne particles that aggravate sensitive allergies (for the nursery or any room in the house)!

The best part? They’re gifting one of these babies to a reader as well!

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Our home was built in the 1930s and while we do our best to keep it in tip top shape, there’s little that we can control when it comes to old house syndrome. With a baby on the way, indoor air quality has suddenly shot to the top of the list and we’ve invested in recent updates to our ventilation system by adding a furnace and ac unit (I can’t believe we’ve been living without the beauty of heat for the past 2 1/2 years!).

The easiest update (and cheapest by far, a big thank you to Lowe’s) was adding the Idylis Small Room Air Purifier to the nursery, which sufficiently covers 194 sq ft of space and needs a filter replacement only once every 18 months (check out this neat air purifier comparison chart), and we’re so happy with it!

Air Purifier, Nursery, Pepper Design Blog, Stream lined, Clean Design, Allergies

The size is perfect for a little nook in the nursery and the unit creates only a soft purr when on (super quite and the bit of background white noise will actually aid babe in sleeping better).

Here are all of the fancy specs:

-For rooms up to 194 square feet
-Dimensions: 24.0″ (H) x 11.9″ (W) x 10.4″ (D)
-HEPA filtration removes 99.97% of airborne particulates
-125 CADR Rating
-Convenient filter change indicator
-LED display
-Simple electronic controls
-Quiet performance
-Carbon pre-filter effectively removes odor and larger airborne particles
-Innovative flat front panel for a streamlined, easy-to-clean design

This unit isn’t built specifically for nurseries though, it’s perfect if you have killer allergies like me, pets in the house or just prefer cleaner and fresher air in any space (I’m thinking of investing in one for the office as well).


Giveaway: Lowe’s is giving away a Small Room Air Purifier to a lucky reader (valued at $150 including tax and shipping).

To Enter: Since we’re big fans of DIY projects (and Lowe’s is our kind of store) share your most recent (or upcoming) home project! I know you must have some good ones on that New Year’s Resolution List…

For Additional Entries: Become a fan of PDB on Facebook and be sure to leave a separate comment to share that you currently are or just added Pepper Design Blog!

Giveaway ends Friday, January 7 at midnight PST, winner will be chosen randomly and announced the following day. Good luck!


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  1. Lisa says

    We plan on redoing our newly (and briefly) acquired guest room (3 year old moved out to bunk with older bro) to make way for baby number 3. I live in an old house by the beach – lots of mold, etc. in the air and would so LOVE this!!

  2. SheilaG says

    We’re currently remodeling our master bath- 6 months of slow going, but end is in sight! Many trips to the big blue store! :)

  3. Stefanie says

    Wish I could say I have a new and fun home project but instead I’m packing up a two bedroom apartment and trying to get rid of most of the stuff. My husband is in the Army and we are moving. I am amazed at how much stuff we have accumulated in 2.5 years!

  4. Rebekah says

    I am planning on building a bedside table next. I have the plans all ready and as soon as I gather all the materials I will get to work!

  5. Lori says

    We plan to totally redo the basement and create an ‘indoor/outdoor’ room with folding doors to bring the outside in. Then we will add natural flooring inside and out, create a long full-on bar and then add a couple of televisions, comfy chairs and all of the extras to create a great social room to enjoy with friends! A room purifier would be a perfect touch!

  6. david says

    I’m going to build an entertainment center for the bare wall in our living room. Will include some bookshelves and a place to store TV and remotes, etc. out of reach of the baby.

  7. Denise says

    First project for this year is to finish remodeling/painting/organizing the play room for our grand-daughter and grandchild-to-come and all the friends they bring with them!! :) An air purifier in this room be so beneficial to the kids!

  8. stephanie says

    Baby’s room needs some work! Needs some fun loving color on the walls and perhaps a few animals up there too (love your nursery!!). Jungle theme – so there are so many options. I want to paint his bookshelf a bright green color too. Our backyard is in the middle of being redone – hubby and friends built a nice 8 foot wooden fence around the perimeter of the house and then planted sod, now we need to make it look beautiful by planting some fruit trees and flowers and tile the patio.

  9. KB says

    I plan on using Lowes for a new bathroom counter. The purifier would be very beneficial to my son for his allergies as well.

  10. says

    We are currently painting our living room and updating our hearth and mantle to make our living room more cozy and family friendly.

  11. says

    we’re planning on refurbishing my husband’s childhood toy chest for all of our daughter’s toys… there’s SO many after the Christmas we just had! we live in an old house in savannah, ga and my allergies are KILLER… I would LOVE to have a purifier like this! awesome giveaway :)

  12. Jamie says

    my wife and I are pregnant! Next step, fix up the baby’s room! We need to paint, build book shelves and decorate!

  13. Grace Cleaton says

    My husband and I are in the process of building a bar/countertop in our kitchen! It will be a mosaic tiled countertop and we’re super excited!!! Can’t wait for it to be finished!

  14. Tanya says

    We’re planning on doing a lot of landscaping work this spring. The yard is pretty neglected and I’m looking forward to making it look better
    Thanks for the giveaway

  15. Cassie says

    gosh what do we not plan on doing?!! We desperatley need to renovate our master bathroom!!

  16. Lynette says

    I have someone coming tomorrow a.m. to measure our daughter’s bathroom for new flooring. We will be painting, replacing the toilet, getting new flooring and fixtures. I am ready to get started! (the new shower curtain has been sitting in my closet for months)

  17. Anna says

    Since we rent I can’t go crazy on home improvement DIY, but I am in the process of creating a back slpash spice rack using magnets and recycled baby food jars.

  18. Teresa S. says

    Well, we are renters, so there are no real home DIYs. But, I do have a plan to repaint a small chest of drawers in order to use it in the entryway.

  19. Rachel P. says

    The first two on our long “To-Do” list include painting the entire house and installing new flooring…we’ve been waiting for 2011!

  20. Jessica says

    we’re working on a nursery for our first little one! we’re trying to keep it affordable, so that means lots of diy projects within the nursery ranging from refinishing furniture to sewing curtains. how fun!

  21. jennie p says

    my latest project was painting grey stripes o the wall of my living room… and i love it!

  22. Brittney says

    We rent, so we are limited to what we can do, but we recently made fold up tables that are connected to the boys’ loft beds. When they are down, they can use the surface for LEGOs or other projects and when they want more floor space to play, they simple fold them up and hook them out of the way!

  23. Roxanne says

    We are apartment bound, currently, but we are working really hard on wall decor – making it ourselves!

  24. says

    Oh, man. I’ve been needing one of these for a long time. The girls have the worst allergies!

    Well, we have a big DIY because we’re building a new house. Can’t wait!

  25. Carolyn A. says

    This is awesome! I have some allergies that flared up this year and this would be a great boon!

    Since I live in an apartment, my to-do list is limited, but there will be some wall art installations coming soon.

    My favorite thing that I’ve done was take an old beaten up dresser given to me by one of my mom’s friends and refinished in a semi-gloss graphite grey two years ago. It’s got 9 drawers (longer, shorter, longer, in columns of three), no pulls (you open a drawer by reaching underneath each drawer) and tapered legs. Super awesome – I had never refinished anything before and it was insanely easy and fun. If only I had a house… :)

  26. HeatherHLP says

    I am working on a mosaic project, I will be gluing pennies to a board and grouting like tile. I am hoping to cover an ugly access panel with it.

  27. Ron says

    What a great giveaway – My new year project is to build storage in my garage to organize and hide all the manly mess.

  28. Judy says

    Moving to a new house so painting is first and then I am converting a large closet to a crafts workshop. Love the giveaway!

  29. says

    Our to do list just grew this New Years Eve. One of our dogs is terrified of Fireworks, Lightning and any loud noises. We sedated her at 6 p.m. and left to go to a party at 8:30 p.m., it was at a neighbors house. At 10 I went back to check on the dogs and the sedation did not kick in, in time and now I have to rip the rest of the 3 door frames apart and redo them. She tore them all apart. The good news is I am getting really good at replacing door frames. LOL

  30. karen says

    Well, we rent our house, so there isn’t a whole lot of DIY around here. However, I got some pictures frames for Christmas that are becoming my project as I choose just the right pictures to fill it with!

  31. courtney says

    Well, the real list is loooong, I will just mention that we are working diligently to put together our baby boy’s (due in April) nursery. So far, paint is up and new trim/baseboard…
    tonight’s mission for the hubs is to spackle and touch them up! An air purifier would be awesome, have been looking for the right one. Our yellow lab is a furball too!

  32. Janet says

    Painting the baby-to-be’s room and redoing the floors (my husband did it, no fumes for me!)

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