Office Makeover: Inspirational Rooms

Progress on the new home office/guestroom has stalled a bit with all of the excitement over here. In fact, now that Olivia has arrived I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll find the time to finish up this new space that we conveniently opened up just three weeks before her arrival.

Until then, I’m having plenty of fun dreaming up the design of the future multi-functional room.

Home Office Inspiration

The above room from BHG’s January issue fits in some of my favorite organizational ideas and I love how the wood and various metals work together. The below DecorPad rooms show off clean, well-designed office spaces that balance style and functionality.

Home Office Inspiration, Makeover, Guestroom, Bedroom, DIY

I’d love to find a white desk similar to this version shown on the front page of the January issue of BHG, and how great are those beautiful linen, rattan and leather organizing binders and boxes?

More great examples of that perfect style-meets-function from Houzz and Ish & Chi.

Home Office Inspiration

And a few more from DecorPad.

Home Office Inspiration

I love the look of floor to ceiling bookcases as in the first room below – painting or wallpapering the back of them to mix it up would be a fun idea too. These examples of beautiful diy spaces are from Centsational Girl, Turquoise Design and House Beautiful.

Home Office Inspiration

Finally, I’ve been putting some thought into the bedroom end of the room as well. These examples of rooms in soft greys and blues would be soothing for the guestroom and complimentary to the adjoining office, which might use the same tones but in more saturated varieties and with more patterns. Rooms from Rue Magazine and BHG.

Home Office Inspiration

Hopefully we’ll get back to the building, plastering and hammering soon, but in the mean time I’ve begun the hunt for the perfect desk, bookshelves, bed… *sigh* and so on, and tracking down, salvaging or refurbishing each of these pieces on a serious budget will leave me plenty to do in the mean time.

Back to Craigslist I go! (what else is there to do at 2, 4 & 6am, anyhow?) :)

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  1. says

    Hi there! What a great website you have, beautiful pics. I used some for my blog, check it out:


  2. says

    Well I’ve been away from blogland for a while and I’ve missed so much. A big congratulations on the birth your beautiful baby girl. I have an Olivia )Livy, Liv) as well. I hope yours bring as much joy as mine does. xo Carol

  3. says

    Thank you so much for this office makeover
    post. I have been putting off rearranging
    my spare rooms (2!) now our youngest has
    left home:( Never really thought of what
    we could achieve before now.
    I need a workshop/office space, a quiet
    spot away from visitors and hubby.
    Your ideas look great. Hope all is well
    with you and Olivia.
    Best wishes, Sue

  4. says

    What a great roundup – I love the choices, all of them giving me food for thought as I rework my studio ~ I’m so stuck on color, I just can’t decide what will continuously inspire me, without boring me in two weeks….thanks for sharing the lovely spaces!

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