Project Nursery: Prints & Patterns Part 2

The Thibaut swatches have arrived! I feel like a kid in a candy store amidst all of these beautiful prints. Olivia was overwhelmed too.

Nursery Fabric Swatches Thibaut

After laying out a variety of different color ways, it quickly became clear that a coral, tan and brown palette was the way to go. The strong, saturated colors (mixed with a few softer pastels) would help to feminize the space while complimenting the colors of the wall animals.

Nursery Fabrics - Final Swatch Collection

Left to right: Pearl Trellis in brown, Baltic Stripe in pastel, Malibu in peach, Pearl Trellis in coral, Coco in natural, Malay Ikat in beige,  Metropolis Stripe in brown and Times Square in brown.

Now which to choose for the curtains…

Nursery Fabric Swatches Thibaut 3

I knew which fabric that I thought would look best lining the windows… and I was so happy when Liv agreed.

Nursery Fabric Swatches Thibaut 2

Thibaut’s Baltic Stripe – Pastel on Cream it is!

Thibaut Baltic Stripe, Nursery Makeover, DIY, Fabric, Curtains

Now I’m off to pick up some lining from Joann’s Fabrics today to get this party project started.

If you’re catching up on Project Nursery, here’s a link to the initial fabric board, vintage wall art addition, changing table makeover, nursery wall striping tutorial, painted animal project, the initial inspiration board and the before picture posts.

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  1. Morgan says

    Hi Marcy,
    Thanks for your comment on PDB. I wish I could be more of a help because I know exactly what you mean – but to be quite honest I usually choose fabrics based on their look (sometimes trendy wins) and if it fits my budget. That being said, I think your best bet for your lined drapes would be to take them to a professional seamstress who can perhaps recommend or even implement a weighting of some sort to help balance the drapes. I can see how bowing on a horizontal line could get annoying! :)

    I wish I could be more of a help… best of luck!


  2. Marcy says

    I’m just discovering your blog and am loving every word! Maybe you or one of your followers can address this nagging issue. In your opinion, do you think the price you pay for a fabric determines quality? Why do I ask…?? Well, I made some lined drapes years ago from a medium weight cotton fabric I still adore. The fabric has a horizontal stripe. From home ec days decades ago I recall something about “straightening” the fabric. Perhaps that’s the issue with this fabric, idk, but the beautiful horizontal strips bow/sag slightly in the middle which really zaps the look (to me, most people don’t see it, thankfully), but I do wonder if I’d have used a higher priced fabric if I would have given a better quality fabric…I’ve gone so far as to remove all of the machine stitching, which was made with a high end machine using a walking pressure foot, on the side seams to try and eliminate the sag, but alas NOTHING has helped. How I would LOVE for these drapes to appear on the window as they do in my mind!! Is there a trick out there I need to know?!

  3. Morgan says

    Must start the little ones early! She’s already working on her color wheel :). But wow is she growing quickly!

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