Project Nursery: Fabric Adventures

The fabric for the curtains has arrived! I was so excited as I cut the shipping paper off of the thickly wrapped bolts of Baltic Stripe fabric. I had purchased the lining for the curtains last week and was ready to get started (and get this nursery finished).

And then I had the most unfortunate discovery… instead of vertical stripes running top to bottom along the length of the fabric:

I quickly found that the beautiful, soft pastel lines actually ran horizontally across the width of the fabric:

I shed a tiny tear as I realized that I wouldn’t be able to create the curtains I had envisioned for the space. The horizontal lines meant that the fabric was only 54″ wide if I attempted to sew vertically lined curtains. I didn’t want a seam half way through the fabric and I thought horizontally lined curtains might conflict with the horizontal wall stripes:

But I quickly moved on to plan b and found a solid fabric that I thought would add just the right feminine touch with its soft pink/coral color to balance out the other patterns and stronger colors (in the form of playful wall animals) in the room:

The fabric pattern is called Malibu and is from the Laguna collection at Thibaut. While the color I chose is referenced as ‘peach’, I ordered a sample and discovered that as I suspected, it appears much pinker in person and really compliments the rest of the room (and the fabric palette picked out here) well. As for the stripe? I have much in store for that fabric.

Other fabrics that arrived recently included the Malay Ikat that will create the perfect cushion covers for the nursery’s glider:

The fabric is just beautiful! I hope that there are a few extra swatches after creating the cushion covers (a must for a glider that’s bound to get its fair share of spit up, etc) for throw pillows and what not.

I thought that these fabrics would look beautiful as crib bedding:

The other ‘extras’ that will help incorporate patterns into the nursery space might include basket liners, a pillow for the glider, a laundry bag/basket – even fabric book pouches for the walls.

And while I won’t tackle all of the sewing on my own (I have an amazingly generous aunt and an awesome local seamstress to help me out with the really tough stuff), these projects will keep me busy over the next few weeks!

If you’re catching up on Project Nursery, here’s a link to the fabric board, curtains part 1, rocking horse find, new pendant light, vintage wall art addition, changing table makeover, nursery wall striping tutorial, painted animal project, the initial inspiration board and the before picture posts.

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  1. says

    Hi Morgan,
    The Nursery project will be complete before
    you know it! I love the theme and colours.
    Probably better not to go way too girly as
    you and little one would get sick of it fast.
    My girls were never over the top bright pink
    fairy types. Still are not!
    Our first born Candice was born Nov81.
    Her room was Smirf themed;) It worked and
    she probably has a soft spot for those blue
    creatures still. The colours were bright and
    cheery and remember that there was only one
    girl smirf but she had lovely blond hair.
    Not unlike one Candice.
    Enjoy your day,
    Say Hi to Olivia,

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