San Diego Magazine: Office Organization

I recently put together a trends piece for the March issue of San Diego Magazine that offers tips for designing & organizing your home office (spring cleaning time is almost here!). I also included a collage of inspiring office additions – many of the pieces which represent a ‘dream’ office space in our office/guestroom remodel – that pull together a very gender-neutral (but pretty!) organized office space.

Here’s the inspiration board I created:

And just for fun, here’s the published spread (find the online issue – as well as the eight organization/decorating tips & tricks – here on pages 82 & 83):

I also wrote an article on a beautiful “ultra modern” home here in San Diego by famed local architect Jonathan Segal:

A fun read if you love contemporary design and architecture!

Now if I can only find that beautiful wood desk from Layla & Grayce at about an eighth of the price… it’s stunning :) and would make an excellent addition to the new office. Hope you had a lovely weekend!

You can find the February San Diego Magazine edition on masculine and feminine bedroom inspiration boards here.

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  1. Janelle says

    Such a busy girl – how do you find time to sleep?! Your organization article looks great. I ordered a few goodies from paper-source and seejanework.
    And the La Jolla home article is awesome! Unbelievable architecture & features, to say nothing of the location & view!!! Love the wood ceilings & other incredible details. It’s so neat to see your name in the byline!!

  2. says

    Congratulations! I’m not in the biz, but I think that a lot of your readers are decorators or want to become better known as designers. Would you be able to do a post on how to get published like this?

    • Morgan says

      Hi Nancy,
      Thanks for your comment! It’s funny that you should mention this because it was rather by great coincidence that I was asked to work with San Diego Magazine. I work full time as a marketing consultant for several small businesses and this keeps me oh-so-busy, however when the magazine reached out to me to contribute as a writer for their At Home and Trends pieces, I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to do something I love. It’s plenty of work to have a full time + part time job now, but I enjoy it and manage to make it all fit in to one busy week. My best advice to anyone interested in becoming a designer is to network, network, network. My inside secret has always been to ask for ‘informational interviews’ with anyone that you’d like to get to know better – it’s not an interview for a position but rather an opportunity to get to know someone in your field and to ask lots of questions! You’ll learn a ton and they’ll likely keep you in mind for future projects.

      I do hope that helps!

  3. Jennifer says

    BTW, I like your inspiration board better than the published spread. :D

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