Office Makeover: Desks Under $300

I’m back on the hunt for the future work space! Earlier this week I posted a round up of ideal bookcases under $300 to fit the new office. Now it’s on to the desk… There are so many great options out there that I’ve found it easiest to narrow the selection down based on the ideal size, color and design.

A bit more on the criteria…

Size: The standard desk is about 44-48″ wide and 18-22″ deep, but my ideal desk would be either wider or deeper than this so that I can stretch out multiple projects and still feel organized.

Color & Design: I’d like the material/color of the desk to be different from the bookcases (so that we don’t get too matchy matchy over here) while still complimenting each other. And you know, if one is more French-inspired (with the ‘x’, for example) it would be nice if the other was a different design, say more modern or more rustic.

I took this dilemma to Craigslist hoping for an awesome makeover project that would be perfect for the space. Alas, no results to be found. So, here’s my favorite resource round up for desks under $300!

That first one is near an exact copy of the inspiration board desk I used for San Diego Magazine’s Office Organization article. I mentioned how much I lovvvveedd the Layla & Grayce option but loathed the $2,000+ price. And now there’s a $200 option!

This  round up includes options from JC Penny’s, Home Decorators Collection, Ikea, West Elm & World Market. I’d throw in a few from Overstock as well (always a great resource) but I couldn’t find any that I loved that beat the prices of these stores, the above range being from $99-$299.

Some these are a bit smaller than I’d prefer, but I’m going to pair them up with the bookcase round up from Tuesday and see if I can’t find a good set nonetheless. There may be more options for extra storage to make up for the lack of desk space…

Back to the drawing board I go.

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  1. says

    Morgan, I might be a total design dud, but my ideal working desk is a door laid over two 2 drawer file cabinets. Put some molding on the edges of the door and file cabinets if you want to get a bit more fancy. Build a keyboard drawer underneath. And paint the whole mess one color of your choice.

    And then you’ve got plenty of room to get organized and work in.

  2. says

    Love the top left desk. I wish there was enough in the piggy bank to get some new desks for here, these ikea ones are looking a little worse for wear :-(

  3. says

    P.S. I hope you and your family are well today and that you are able to stay safe with everything headed that way. We’re thinking of you!

  4. says

    I’m right there with Behind the Lashes! We’re going to be re-doing our mudroom/extra kitchen soon to create a craft/storage space and you’re making me want to blow the budget already!

  5. says

    I bought the Ikea Melltorp dining table as a desk–its long but narrow, kind of parsons-ish, and has plenty of room to spread out (it comes in a 68 inch version and a 49 inch version). Best of all, the big one is only $69.

    That West Elm parsons desk would be my upgrade.

  6. Leah says

    If you or the hubby are up for a project,you should check out Ana White’s DIY website. They have plans for a parsons table that has storage built into the desk and the legs…I’m wanting to build it myself but a bit deeper as I like more workspace as well.

    • Morgan says

      Leah, I love Ana White’s website – that’s a fantastic idea. I’ll have to check her plans.

      Lisa, I noticed that Ikea stopped carrying their version of a parson’s desk, thanks for the substitute suggestion! Going out to the website to check it out now.


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