Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mommies, grandmommies, aunties, Godmothers and the like – you deserve a day of much rest, relaxation and full on pampering (at the very least oj in bed and a foot rub…).

Much love from our family to yours.

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    • Morgan says

      Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day, Sue, Sandi and Londen! (and Sue – good luck with that stray, happy puppy!)


  1. says

    Hi Morgan, How lovely it is to have 4 generations. Liv has some beautiful role models to look up to.
    Thanks for the lovely family photo you all look so happy and healthy which is what it is all about really.
    I have enjoyed the postings this week of your trip away and dear little butterfly Liv. How sweet is she?! Plus the table settings for Mothers Day Posting were inspirational with the classic lace and bright splash that flowers bring to the table.
    Thanks for reminding me to put some fun into the table setting for the big day. We all had a great time together as a family. No photos :(
    I was busy running around with food and keeping an eye on the stray happy puppy!
    Have a Mothers Day to remember.
    xo Sue

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