DIY Furniture Addition: Overlays

How clever is this idea? O’verlays by Danika and Cheryle are ‘toppers’ for standard Ikea furniture (though they’ll cut to any size you’d like). A quick addition and the overlays immediately transform dressers, tables, screens and even crown molding.

Thanks to Full House for sharing this neat find.

Love how the overlay looks placed under glass and atop this console table! Beautiful.

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  1. says

    I’m totally loving this! I actually have two Ikea dressers in the play room that I painted brown when we first moved into the house. Oh how I wish I’d known about these. Hmmm…maybe they’re ready for another makeover! Thanks for the great tip!

  2. says

    What a fabulous idea. I go a little crazy at Ikea, but don’t always love how it makes my house look straight from an Ikea catalog. I love how it sets each piece apart!

    • Morgan says

      Thanks, everyone! glad you all liked it – I love how creative it is! You can also find similar products on etsy, though you have to get creative in searching :).


  3. says

    Wow! Thanks so much for bringing this to everyone’s attention. I’ve filed it away for a future project – now I just have to figure out which future project!!!

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