Computers Don’t Always Play Nice…

Hey there! Sorry for the blogging lull over here… you’ve been hearing crickets for a while now and I’m awfully sorry for the lengthy pause. Between traveling for work, internet connectivity issues and WordPress database errors (ah! as of today wp is still acting up! anyone else?) I’ve been virtually blockaded from the blog.

Which is especially disappointing because I have quite a few projects in the pipeline, including: a DIY curtain project (DIY fabric art, I should say), several handmade art additions for the new wall collage in the office, a dining room redesign (that’s been running through my head and I’m so excited to start tackling), guest bath updates (woohoo!) and a baby shower in the works with a theme that just might be influenced by this post.

I left home suddenly last week after sad news and didn’t prep or shoot any photos prior to my departure, so I’ll leave you with the following lovely inspiration as we head into the weekend:


Wait – are no pictures loading? WordPress…. you’re killing me.

Anyways – see you next week when my head is spinning slightly less and my computer (and wp!) are back on their feet… and are ready to play nice again.

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