Decorating for Fall: Yarn Pumpkins

Here’s an easy fall craft to tackle in about an hour (perfect for a car trip or while you’re catching up on the latest episode of The Office).

I found two styrofoam pumpkins in the 50% off bin at Michaels and knew that they could be so much more. With a bit of orange yarn (also 50% off) and a few fabric leaves these guys were ready for display:

They’re living in the fruit and veggie bowl at the moment (next to some hand grown tomatoes, yum) but they’ll probably find a new home soon.


Yarn Pumpkins

Materials: styrofoam pumpkins (or balls that you shape into pumpkins), orange yarn, green or fabric felt, pins or glue for leaves

It’s as easy as…

{1.} Wrap the yarn around your pumpkin and tie a knot on the underside.

{2.} Continue to wrap the yarn around the pumpkin in large sections (this gives the wrapping a little uniformity – you could skip that part and just wrap like crazy though).

{3.} Cut felt or fabric pumpkin leaves and attach with a pin or glue

…and display!


Super simple and crafty fall pumpkins ready to go.

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  1. says

    I’ve seen a lot of yarn and fabric pumpkins lately…they’re perfect for the season and remind me of cozy sweaters! Thanks for the tutorial!

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