Guest Posting on BLW over at Milk-Friendly

If you had a chance to read about our introduction of solid foods to Liv earlier this summer, you’ll remember that we skipped pureed foods and opted to share our meals with her right off the bat. But we’re not crazy parents, promise. We’re actually using a method called Baby Led Weaning. Read more about it over at Milk-Friendly where I’m sharing our adventure with her readers.

We did give handmade pureed foods a try for a few days… I also cover that over at my guest post. *Hint* the only successful recipe was my basic cinnamon applesauce!

 Liv digs it. For everything else, she prefers the solid version however spiced, roasted or textured it may be.

We love that she gets to participate in our meals and enjoys a good steak, fish fillet or pork tenderloin just as much as us! Read about our first intro to it all here.

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