Office Makeover: New DIY Curtains

On Wednesday I shared how the guestroom portion of the office is looking right about now. You might have noticed that I moved the curtains that used to be between the kitchen and office (covering the french doors) to the big window near the bed. But they might not stay.

I’ve been using Spoonflower to play with a few handmade designs for a new pair of curtains for this area and here’s where I’m at now:

Here’s a better look at what’s going on on the bed, or the ‘test swatch’ area:

The original inspiration came from this beautiful upholstery weight suzani print from Calico Corners, but the heavy woven fabric did not lend itself well to a soft, breezy curtain that would allow light in (the walls are brown so light, even with curtains, is a must).

Have you heard of Spoonflower? You can create your own design and they’ll print it up on a variety of different types of fabric. I love it! I’ve used it for curtains in the past and went to work to create a suzani print of my very own.

The first time I ordered I used their original color guide to pick my fabric shades, and you can see from the ‘really bad color swatches’ above that I was waaaaay off. Spoonflower was great though, they sent out their latest and greatest color guide (so you know exactly what colors to send your design in for printing), and even reimbursed me one round of bad swatches.

Soon I was left with the two swatches (on two different types of fabric) that were very close color-wise to my inspiration print:

Here they are up against the natural light of the window. The fabric on the left is a sheer fabric and the one on the right is a cotton. The jury is out on which looks better at the moment… I’m nervous the sheer is too sheer and the cotton might be too prone to wrinkles. But I’m hoping to have picked one by the end of today!

My over all experience with Spoonflower has been positive. There were a few frustrating moments (aka ordering swatch upon swatch – plus waiting for shipping – and then finding horrible coloring) but their customer service is awesome and they ship for $1, so you can order all day and it won’t really cost you much. Another bonus is that there are thousands of free designs that others have uploaded – so if you’re searching for the perfect print and you just can’t find it online or at your craft store, a Spoonflower artist might just have what you’re looking for.

Decisions, decisions. Hmmm… those original curtains do work pretty well, too!

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  1. says

    I love the suzani print – I had never heard of it before, nor was I familiar with Spoonflower. It sounds like a great company and a unique concept! All of the samples are beautiful.
    The curtains you currently have hanging in the room look fabulous against the dark walls, so I can see why this is such a hard decision to make. :]
    I’m sure that whatever you decide will be gorgeous!!!

  2. Mary M says

    Where did the existing curtains came from (store or fabric store)? They are just lovely!

    Also, you have mentioned having good success with buying gift cards on Craigslist – can you talk more about how you score these deals? Maybe a future blog post?! You are my deal-hunting hero!

    • Morgan says

      Hi Mary, the existing curtain fabric can be found at Calico Corners – just search under ‘colors’ and ‘aqua/teal’! I love it :).

      I do get a lot of my gift cards from Craigslist and I think it can be an excellent resource for even greater discounts at stores! Just be sure to really authenticate that card :). Will definitely consider for a future post!


    • Morgan says

      Thanks, Sara! I agree… I may end up keeping the ones that are currently up, up. Decisions decisions :).


  3. says

    Pretty! I love the combination of blue and brown. The swatch on the right is probably my favorite, just because the colors are clearer…but that just may be the result of only seeing a small swatch on a computer screen! Best of luck, it’s a tough decision!

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